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Ok, without really getting into it here, I'm trying to be more social, but I'm a HUGE introvert. I also don't think it helps that although I work in the creative department shall we say, of my company, I'm often doing work and installations in the view of customers and therefore am constantly being bombarded by strangers all day, so I just can't get myself motivated enough to go out and try to make friends with strangers. I live alone in the city, and am not as close as I use to be (or frankly want to be) with my old friends. So I know I kinda have to start from scratch and it's just so overwhelming. I detest small talk, and so many of my interests are so niche... ugh, you get the idea. So maybe I'm working backwards here, but I thought I'd start with types I've seem to have really gotten on well with in the past.

I feel like the fact that I'm on these forums especially already creates some degree of foundation, clearly I have an interest in personality types – and so do you!:wink: But here are a few other things about me: I am a woman living on the east coast in her mid 30's, I am a creative person, I like video games (single player RPG's especially) but I don't keep up with enough to be considered a “hardcore” gamer, I have other nerdy interests, but also just not that hardcore about it. I like bad movies a la, Birdemic, Troll 2, the Room etc, and really enjoy MSTK3000 and Rifftrax. I'm always down for some feminist discourse. I will be voting for ma boi Bernie, if that gives you an idea of my political slant. I also am interested in/ work with style, fashion and home décor. I'm starting to teach myself about container gardening, and home composting – particularly in small spaces, like my tiny ass apartment. I curse a lot, and my writing style can be a little hard for some people to understand when conversing online, I like to just type shit out as though I am saying it directly. I'm very sarcastic, but when viewed as a message rather than spoken aloud, it can sound a little searing and aggressive, if anyone decides to respond please take most of what I say with a grain of salt, it's culturally indicative of where I'm from – I'm an INFJ remember, I'm not actually trying to create conflict.

So I dunno, if any of that sounds interesting... PM I guess, or respond here, whatever. Depending on the number of responses, you might see this xposted in a few places. I'm definitely a quality over quantity person, so I'm hoping to develop some rich discourse with a few people.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
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