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INFJ most likely to....

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so, after answering with a forum member just add another "INFJ most likely too...."

Of course, as always, I don't have to say keep it civil :)

INFJ most likely to eat an entire pizza in one sitting
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INFJ most likely to eat an entire pizza in one sitting
I like the idea of this thread!

I'll say @Kirjuri because I think I remember him posting a picture of a pizza, or he just posts pictures of interesting food in general. @Marv would eat one as long as it was covered in durian.

INFJ most likely to rule the world...
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Based on my day, INFJ most likely to give of self until withered into a puddle on the floor.
Most likely to succeed at BSing your way through any therapy session :wink:
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Most likely to have to refrain from saying "I told you so" again
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Be alone but not feel alone.. and vice versa.. not be alone but feel alone
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that would be meeeeeeee

Most likely to give everyone just the right gift
Most Likely to leave a big tip to the genuinly good-natured service providers...
most likely to hide in their rooms happy for days, but then come out super depressed becuase of lack in social interactions
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