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INFJ: Newbie to the forum. Just wanna say hello.

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Whats good guys, I'm an INFJ male, in college and living a very casual life. I question and talk to myself a lot. I tend to judge myself a lot. I don't know many people that I call friends. I'm really quiet, keep to myself, and talk when I have to. I know that my personality type is rare, but wish it was more known. I feel so invisible because of who I am. I don't know why but I feel that I'm not attractive or no one wants anything to do with me. I guess INFJs are just lonely people.
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Vanish I can relate exactly to how you feel. I wish there were more people who are able to connect on a level that isn't superficial. A level where conversation can be meaningful rather than small talk and jokes. Perhaps this is why people find me boring, but I am just waiting for the right people to come around.

And yes, it's nice knowing there's more of us around.
and one other thing... since INFJ are 1% of the worlds population... it seems there are many of us from the looks of this site. and i was wondering where the INFJ are coming from like what country and what state or province because i hope to meet with someone that lives near me. I live in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada.. if you guys have Skype i would love to talk to you guys.... Skype is free and is great for conference calls....
I have Skype and would be willing to talk to you for sure. Problem is I don't have 15 posts so I can't PM you my Skype name and I don't feel like having random people message me.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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