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Could someone share with me the main differences in the following types?



I am pretty sure I am an INFJ, but, during moments of stress, energy conservation, or something unusual, I seem to test out as ISFJ or INTJ. For example, I have periods of time when I "withdraw" or "shut off," which is usually when I am going through a stressful social/relationship situation. During these times, I test out as an "S" and I think it's because I have a harder time trusting in my intuition and instead rely on my senses. At the same time, when I'm going through intense studying/writing for exams/papers, I test out as "T" (for obvious reasons I guess). But I always go back to INFJ. Is this normal...? I'm pretty sure that I am an INFJ especialyl when I read threads about other INFJs that have acted similarly in similar situations, but at the same time, I see parallels in yself with ISFJs and INTJs
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Somtimes I get gut feelings about something, but I don't believe them unless I can rationalise it with facts. This would seem like an S thing to do. But I know I am an N because I love exploring possibilities and thinking about the future. I love hearing about new ideas. I'm more concerned about the big picture than the little details, even though I am good at paying attention to detail.

I used to think I was T, but I realise this is becuase logic and getting good grades at school was encouraged more in my life. I'm pretty good at maths and am naturally good at logic problems. But I know I'm an F because I am more interested in people. People's feelings are important to me, even though I used to think that being rational is more important. But I realise now that I always take into account people's feelings.

For example: I work in customer service in IT. People call us up for new passwords. My colleagues ask them "What system?" and sometimes the customer doesn't understand, as they only use one system. So my colleagues ask again "What system is the password for?". But for me, I don't like to make people feel stupid, so I give examples "What's the password for? Your emails? Your payslips?"

Also, in my last two personality tests that I have taken, I have been getting INFP. But the INFJ description matches me more so I am sticking with that.
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