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Come post your poetry here, all other types welcome too :).
One of mine to get things started..:

Feigning Masquerade
Joyous music fills the air,
and fills the ears with cold despair.
Sun and moon, side by side.
They chase one another, until the other hides.
A sun that never seems to rise,
and a moon only one can recognize.

The glow casts shadows in the dark.
Mountains tumble and break apart.
Ravens crow at distant turns,
of soulful clouds and glistening burns.
Chaotic thoughts and then she turns,
towards what time cannot erase,
and victory that she never tastes.

Scents trigger an image and lost times,
before those mountains she had to climb.
Sitting in shallows of mystic creeks,
not knowing what life holds and seeks.
Drifting away into hopeful fantasies
Constructed of bliss and serenities;
Filling her mind with thrashing seas.

Forgotten fortresses lurk behind
in the vast recesses of mind.
Dust covers books of wisdom and knowledge.
They lay on the crumbled and broken ledge.
Glittering flakes mar her hands,
the shouts, she does not understand,
and runs lost through the desolate land.

A wounded healer of timeless might.
Calling her out to fill with fright-
ful twisted lies, bring her to demise.
She hopes to fly among the clouds
climb atop and scream from the mound,
To tell the silent world she is here
but nothing ever seems to hear.

A vision beyond feasible means,
a cold recollection of bitter dreams.
The book of dust shakes the ground
Sudden light, she turns around.
Little wolf- at the moon it howls.
The clock strikes with a deepened scowl
and shrieks rupture from the ground.

Do not eat, do not sleep, do not even take a peek.
what lies behind the eyes of the blind,
is too much and little for the fragile of mind.
Among the waves crash the image.
Up from a frozen island, dredged,
an open wound that cannot mend
and fibers of being that do not bend.

Stand by, to what cannot rely
on visions that fill broken eyes.
An image so clear, rippling with honesty
A delight not captured, cannot break this calamity.
Shadow follows behind rays of light
Towers over in their undecipherable might.
Beings of whispers lurk in the night.

Of ghostly wails, of scarring tales.
Of what the fiendish monster hailed.
A speech, is what the voiceless preach.
All light no chains, just out of reach.
No shackles no warriors no boasting saints.
Nothing that makes the strong hearted faint.
The silent sirens of souls, all have a taint.

Do not try to fix the completely broken,
for their fragile hearts are not open.
Dunes of light, of ever-precious insight,
All of them lies, a feigning of all sight.
Wearing masks on the abandoned stage,
Melodious words fill the masquerade.

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Lol I started one a month ago and it didn't get that far. XD Hopefully this one will?? Well, I'll contribute with one I wrote recently. :)

I'm Waiting To Love You Again

Am I being unfaithful as one would call it?
For having matching tattoos with my best friend?
For being so friendly with someone much older?
Did the jealousy rise when you least expected it?
Then what about me,
whose emotions are always unstable,
seeing you wrap your arms around a woman,
giving her those hugs you once gave me?
Don't make me the bad guy here,
when your hands are soiled too.

Everyday is an obstacle of who did what,
and when with who.
Never the words of encouragement,
of hope to be together forever.
Did everything fall apart because we're not together?
Was our bond really that thin to begin with?
Was what we had,
just a figment of my imagination?
Or did our love really happen?
Tell me,
is our love really worth saving?

A relationship needs two people.
Me, alone isn't enough to keep this going.
I don't want to confess that I need you,
but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you.
I am waiting for your response,
with my head pressed against the window.
No longer in control of past emotions,
I want to love you now.
Do you still love me,
or has the stress of keeping us a secret,
just too much to bear?

I don't want to say goodbye to the memories just yet.
We still have our whole life to love,
why stop mid-way now?
I want to tell you, "I love you" many times,
but you're no longer here to hear it.
Tell me you love me,
and we'll end all worries there.

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Written for someone close to me sometime ago but I quite like it.

We cannot struggle with our past.
When we do so we become immobile and stuck, going in circles.
Inside of the boxing ring with ourselves, never winning, only losing, only to ourselves and the world.

Our past is apart of us, when we wage a war against our self it ceases all progress.
We must know when it is time to pick up our things and move on within our psyche.
We must learn from our past but we cannot let it dominate us.

YOU have to rise above your past
We have to learn how to live with our past
Just as we must learn how to live with ourselves

Even if we block it out, hide it away, it is still there
If we ignore it, believe it to no longer be an issue it is there
Always affecting us in ways we cannot see
Our past is always with us while our attention is not always on our past

We MUST be comfortable with who we are
We must know our past, and own it
We must grasp our past to be able to move on and to grasp the future
We must seize all of the darkness within in order to seize the future

We must have the resolve to LIVE with who we are and what we were and are still.

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The sound of your war cry echos in the mountains of the earth
The stars shed tears, dropping from their place in the heavens if only they could tell your story
The only witness to your struggle, the trees who saw all but tell no one their wisdom
A long forgotten episode, washed away by the waves of time
Your blood long ago was it washed off the blades
Long ago tears shed in your memory forgotten
Your history written out of the ages by the ones who cut you down to prevent more of your kind from springing up
Your words etched in between the lines of the universe, only to be overlooked
random travelers hears your cries of anguish and passes it off as just the whispers of the wind
Not long do their roars go forgotten
Not long until the righteous struggle again
Not long until your whispers are heard again loud and clear
Do not weep, for with each generation your battle cry resonates again
Vengeance from the long forgotten course through the veins of the new
Not long can the wicked hide from the shadow of the fallen righteous
For justice is an idea incapable of destruction it will rise up in the bosom of each new generation
It is imbedded into the creases of space, time, and the hearts of humanity
Sparks will forever flare unprovoked, generating without external stimuli into burning flames

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I am compelled tonight to share myself with you and other INFJ's today who have been instrumental in making me feel like a person again - wholesome, complete, happy, with hopes of a future and a new dawn.

Thank you wondersueak for starting this thread. My bond with the INFJ's of this forum is unbreakable.

Read my poetry at your own risk.

These poems do exist somewhere in the forum, but they can be deleted from that thread for all I care.

But I will state that I should've never posted in them in the first place - That is my opinion now, and personal feeling and no power in the world can change that feeling to anything else ever again.

Anyways. I'm posting some of my best [which are still not half as good as the others in this thread] - but you know what - I don't care.

My words are my feelings. There are no motives, No hidden meanings, No dislike or disregard for another human being.

My poems are Not designed for attention. Not written for thanks.

They are the words of my pain that I go through everyday but laced with hope of a better tomorrow

I don't care if anyone likes them, or dislikes them.
They are me. I don't care if you like me, or dislike me.

A part of me that I share because sharing makes me feel
Anything but guilty
Because sharing in the past made me feel guilty.

This feeling was yet again forced upon me recently.
But I break away from these shackles of guilt
I spit my blood in the faces of those who tried to make me feel guilty for simply sharing my pain.

And it is feeling of freedom that I care about -

not guilt
not envy
not jealousy
not projection

Because when Maya Angelou said "We are all rainbows in the clouds"

I believed her

My first and last contribution to the INFJ poetry threads - though I do not believe that my work here has had an impact on PerC - but some say it has - and it is other's acceptance [not to be mistaken with praise], that validates my contributions.

I set out to forge bonds and make friendships and I have achieved both in a very short time - but also acquired dislike along the way.

I continue to write in the ENFJ Poetry thread where others like me share their feelings and I will continue to welcome them with open arms in that section and never, ever even think about challenging them as people regardless of our past.

But I will continue to fight those who fight me.
Till the last drop of my blood is spilled.
Deal with it.


04-21-2011 12:02 PM


Torn, tortured, maimed
Cast upon a stake
Screaming blood
Reaching, scratching, screaming
Losing, flowing, tearing
Like petals from a rose
Bleeding, screaming, scarring
Imploding, then exploding
unyielding, unheard,
Screaming, then silent
It's all there
In front of you
You cannot see
Not You, Nor I.

Ode to the unborn - (based on my true story)

Dear Mom
She died

So why do I feel
Like she's still here
I see her flowing hair
Oh, such despair
I can always see
Her gentle warm smile
My sister was she
I wish the world could see
I know it hurts, Mom
I hurt too, she’z gone
But she never was born
Yet her presence I desire
The beautiful flowing hair
And the gentle warm smile

May we yet see
Her vision into reality
If existence is eternal
So in heaven she will be


Threads of Fate

Constellations above, cold earth below
Space between consumed with hate

Existence beyond, not possible I know
Alluring, luring like a temptress in wait

Cold and ominous, like unseasonal snow
Heartless and bare, her seductive bait

Omnipotent doom, blow after blow
Insatiable hunger, no love only hate

In pursuit of happiness, i once would glow
Alas not to be, it's my unchangeable fate


You see me sitting, what do you see?
The skin on my flesh, or the flesh of my soul?
The colour of my skin, or the vibrancy within?

As I walk past you, what do you see?
The limp in my step, or the determination of my stride?
The hindrance I cause, or the purpose I fill?

As our eyes meet, what do you see?
The hate you project, or the love I feel?
The apathy you seek, or the warmth I crave?

As you hear me speak, what do you hear?
The hate you expect, or the care I speak?
The prejudice you hold, or the acceptance I seek?

07-13-2011 11:51 PM
Abusive Woman

She sneaks up, in your happiest moments
Tears your soul, knowing each word to state
Glares at your smile, yourself you start to hate
Feeling good becomes feeling bad

She's always up in your face
Telling you what to do, where to go
Telling you how to feel, who to see
It's always your fault, can't you know

Even when you're fucking good, all she sees is fault
Throws it in your face, worse than a thousand slaps
Even moments of pleasing love are spit in your face
Rapes your heart, your mind, violates your soul

Gets to the very core of your personality
Compares it to the best of other humanity
Faults she always sees, in ways of walking
To the ways of pleasant love-making

Love making becomes a chore of love hating
Her fragrance becomes the same as a devil snake
Angel morphs into a succubus, flesh eating monster
Who eats away at your soul, day after day

Bit by bit you're chewn up, and can see yourself burning
Helpless to stop, because the beating is all you know
You become a silent observer in your own demise
Yet happy to have that flesh torn cuz it's all you have to give

After it's all gone, you wait for it to come back
Sitting alone each day seems worse than being beaten
Battered, bruised and waiting, she will come back
One day to reclaim her throne, as the devil princess of your heart

Stand up to fight you can, she knows your defeat
Gloats at the pieces of your soul under her feet
You scream disconnected at your own blood
As it drips from your body, and into her control

She claims it's because she loves you
She claims because it's best for you
Breaks you today, an act of love calls it
Thirsty for her love, a beaten soul you accept

Yet, I'm thirsty for it once again. Take my blood again
If it means I shall not be alone once again
Bring it ... take it .. it's yours ... but fuck you. I still hate you


07-15-2011 12:57 AM
A stain

The dark melancholy stain
In my brain
I detest you
Can't rid myself of you
Someone left you there
You're just there
I look at you, I hate you
I glare at you
I want to wipe you away
You just stay there and stare
Dead and cold, oh so bare
There, there, stare and glare
Time ticking away, go away
Tick Tock, Tick Tock, you mock

I step away, you're still there
I step in close, you're there
You shatter me, I'm aware
Go away, go away
You pesky stain
On my soul, on my brain

I scratch at you till my fingers bleed
I'm not insane, but I see you
I'll rip my flesh to get you
I'll tear my skin to get rid of you
I'll break my skull to get at you
You make me rage
You're just a stain, on my brain
I hate you, I'll kill me,
If it means I'll kill you too.

07-16-2011 03:07 PM
Always misunderstood - Written for the plight of immigrants

I walk through life, a perpetual chameleon
Looking for love, passion, compassion
Trying to make way eternally nomadic
Trudging through, tired, lost, sporadic

I speak my words, the world hears gibberish
Forever lost, desolate, impish
Trying to find someone who understands
Just appreciates, I have no demands

I have no wants, but that itself is a want
Alone in my own kind, race - don't taunt
Canadian or Pakistani eternally torn
Not of here, nor of there, just was born

To the West, the Eastern me speaks
Meeting the East, the Western me peaks
Coconut brown, or White chocolate?
Fresh off the boat, or the racist's bait?

Homeless, hopeless, this heart is
Skin is brown, mind is white. Accept this
To the world it doesn't show. Misunderstood
In time, 'twill be over for good

07-20-2011 08:10 PM
Save me - as I bleed

Someone hold me
Don't leave me
From this pain
By my hands I lay slain

Save me as I crash and burn
Victim of my own imagination
Hold me, don't leave me
Save me, don't hate me

Save me, don't hurt me
Save me, please save me
The warmth of my blood
Only warmth in reality received

In silence, slowly my head swaying
A serenity as my eyes are closing
Hoping perhaps closing infinitely
Silence, peace, my eyes close finally

Peace in crimson red, cold as steel
In my last moments, love make me feel
Save me, don't leave me
Peacefully silent, it's all I want to be

Tear my mind, rip it from its cage
If only so these thoughts of rage
Subside finally. Perpetually.
Not worthy of being held. I die willingly

Tears fall, mixed with my blood
Yet there is no pain, you wont believe
The pain of someone's hate I have felt
My pain of loneliness seems insignificant

I die a little as I live each day
In a bed of bloody roses where I lay
Hold me, but don't give me sympathy
This heart is stoned, dead so peacefully


Phoenix rising from a fiery fire
From within the ashes of desire
A new rage replaces the old
At the prospect of hunting gold
New horizons at my behest
Flying above an eternal quest
Raging lunacy in my vanity
A scream of conscious infinity
Laughed at ridiculed for an eternity
My time is near to win perpetuity


08-11-2011 07:15 AM

(Last farewell to my ex-wife)

Her soul I saw, seeking validity
Through her broken mirror of vanity
A sheer fabric that veiled her insanity
Alluring temptress, the damsel in distress
Seeing through her, yet drawn into her
Saw her fragility, lost, needing sympathy
No loss, no regret, I entered willingly
Uncovered her mask, bared her soul
Saw her naked, a succubus of pain
A reaper of souls, enslaver of men
Darkness inside blinded by empathy
Lost within. Raped, beaten emotionally
My love she abused, violated repeatedly
A vampire spider sucker of blood
Murderer of dreams, leech of souls
Gave my life to put the mirror whole
Silent observer of mine own demise
Yet faithful servant gave in willingly
Destined to fly, not cry, I am happy
In your haste and anger you left infinitely
Leaving me, the pain is taken from me
For when I was with you, I felt it more
Living without you, does not hurt any more

Thank you wondersueak for this thread.

I apologize if it disappoints you that I might not be sharing here anymore. But I want to support your death as much as I possibly can.

I have a very special bond with INFJ's - and especially you younger ones - and I will do anything in my power to continue to support all that you do in your lives. You all mean more to me than I've ever said before.

Sometimes, they say that teachers teach kids - they forget to teach us that kids can teach a lot to their teachers.

I post this as a dedication to the thread and the posters here [just the same as I did for the ENFJ forum].

The Bind

Keep writing and charging
Like mad horses with
Flowing manes in the wind
Like fiery angels with crashing wings
No fear, no ice, no rejection no vice

Just be, and exist and speak free
No judgement cometh your way
Your words are my blood,
No barriers to stop the flood


And @Etherea --- I've written these for you but I never told you. I share them openly here today since it's no longer any kind of secret. We both share a very strong bond with the INFJ's - therefore, I take this opportunity to declare my undying love for you.

My Love

Seeking a little solace
In the arms of comfort
Caressing her passion
Locking deep
Within love's embrace
Pulled down the veil of secrecy
A lowered gaze
A Blazed trail of fire
A forbidden kiss
In a stolen moment
Of sinful pleasure
Her lingering gaze
Upon my heart in my soul
lost souls walk in paradise
Unwrapped wings of the angel dove
With her heart she holds mine
Anger of mine forbidden, forgotten
Peace found as the walls lay broken
My masks shattered, my face naked
For she shall see the beauty beneath

@Etherea - this was for you as well

My Dark Angel of Love - For someone who knows

All my life it seems I've waited
For my dark angel to descend
One who would challenge my creed
And break my chains with her wings

My hidden thirst for her love
Slowly releasing my insatiable hunger
The beast once buried deep within
She guides my heart patiently

Securing my emptiness with ties of love
Binds her silken chains around my heart
A barbed wire of passion here in her prison
One of faith laid upon foundations of trust

She hovers close to my grasp
Waiting, urging, loving not demanding
Yet I fear she might fly away
If I wait too long to bare my soul

In my moment of decision
I ask myself this
Is there is a religion more powerful
Than the religion of love

I don't know where I'm headed
But I do know what to do
All I know is that in this moment
Love binds me to my angel


@Etherea - the last part is for you:


They taught him to dream the dreams
Not that they can shatter like mirrors
Forgot to teach him to live in pain
This failure to launch perhaps his last

Burned his dreams and laid
Their ashes upon death's pan
Buried in the past he ambled forward
Yet they always seemed to follow

Like ghosts of winters past
Dreams he dreamed in his sanctuaries
Grains of dust carried by the wind
Sticking to the waterfall of crimson rain

From the open pores of his soul
Forever with him never in front of him

Pieces of the broken mirror
Come together as she descends
With the blood of her fingers
She splices them together
With her love weaves new dreams
Of tomorrow perhaps fragile
But re-built with her empathy
Stoking the fires of passion
A new icy glass of serenity
Shows a reflection of reality


Yup. @Etherea ... I love you with more than just my heart. And now I'm so ready to start breaking down all the barriers there are to get to you one way or another.


And for this thread.

Sweet hello
Sad Goodbye


Wonder how many got this far :)

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This is dedicated to a korean boy band named DBSK who split up in mid 2009. The POV is from the band and not me, just thought I'd let you know. ^^"


The words I can't believe,
I looked to see if they were true.
Overrunned with lies,
my mind can't separate what's right from wrong.
Was that wrong, boo?
Did I forget because I wanted to?
It's the future we're talking about,
time won't wait for us if we stand still.

The steps are forever ascending,
reaching high above the clouds into the Heavens.
What we dreamed about those many years ago,
it's up there waiting.
I want to reach that place with you,
that thought never changed.
Don't misunderstand,
it's our way of keeping focus.
My love for you is still strong.
So keep the faith that we'll meet again.
Fate will bring us back together,
won't it?

Let's pray and work towards that goal,
never wavering to what others might say.
Because I'll always love you forever and ever.
It's cheesy sounding, no?
But it's true.
I do love you,
I still love you,
despite the cruel words that float past my lips.
The whole world have their own ears,
but I want yours to listen to what I have to say,
to what your heart believes.
I'm not the bad guy that everyone says,
I'm still yours through and through.

I'm working towards that "W" in the sky,
just like I promised.
Keep painting that letter until we get there,
until I get there,
and someday all five of us,
will stand there together once again.

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Two of the old threads were moved to a different section, and the one Miri made I couldn't find.

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Oh yeah, it got moved to the Art Museum.

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You paint pictures of fury inside your own landscape
An ice-covered bedroom holding the tin of blue flames
No ache to soothe the ache becomes the aim of your bed frame
No wake to this shake that forever trembles your name

You unleash snowstorms that settle out on to the streets
Though only your eyes see and only your heart stays weak
There are middle grounds we find when extremes are too extreme
But reality is too far when your sight is too clouded by dreams

You hot-wire circuits when your external goes numb
But you can’t stop where you are when you’re always on the run
And the pictures are frozen there to show you where you’re from
So there’s no need to carry them or keep painting the same ones

--Something I wrote last night.. I suppose it's more random writing then a poem.

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Out with the old i suppose...
Two of the old threads were moved to a different section, and the one Miri made I couldn't find.
mk, just wondering wut happened to Surreal Snake's one. I believe that to be his name, its been awhile.
Oh yeah, it got moved to the Art Museum.
Here is the old thread.
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