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Empty the streets
dirty is the new old cleaning
come and mask the face
stay where you’re at
should be not questioned
there‘s a dance party
turning it up on the green
flora and birds adorn
the streets are empty striking
a pose in the yards
everybody came home clearing
and the skies, they smile
the children play

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All of my thoughts have gone
Like birds before the onset of winter
And all that remains is this cavernous mind
- A haunt for your specter, it nurtures the echo
Of my powerless whimper.

Gone are the songs, gone is the laughter
- The faithful companions of a midsummer day,
Pity the sun as it mourns for its dearly departed,
Pity the sun as it sets, forsaking dear hope;
For, indeed, it was hope…
Hope was the one to have led them astray.

Matching the stillness, dark currents keep watch
Frozen beneath a twilight’s caress;
To ferry the sorrow, such currents run deep
But soon, in cold riverbeds, they quietly sleep,
Dreaming in silence, dreaming in blue,
Dreaming of glaciers, dreaming of you.

All of my love has gone
Like a bird before the dying of light
And nothing remains but this shivering darkness,
I offer it freely:
For you to wrap it in whispers and paint it with stars;
I offer it freely:
And for you it could be
A warm midsummer night.
6601 - 6602 of 6602 Posts