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I've decided to take the wise advice of @warweasel regarding the adding of an exercise routine to my daily life. Today I read a couple of articles that have helped me change my mindset.

6 Small Things You Can Do When You Lack Discipline

The Art of the Small

I have always gotten lost in the crazy cycle of lacking discipline... never understanding that it wasn't a lack of discipline that plaques me, but rather a lack of motivation. Motivation requires a subsequent action, whereas discipline.... well.... read the articles.

This morning I decided to try the whole concept of baby steps.... 5 minutes of walking everyday. The author of the 1st article is correct... 5 minutes won't necessarily do anything for me physically.... yet.... but it will teach me the art of being consistent, which is what I've decided I lack as opposed to lacking discipline.

If I'm not "feeling" it, I won't engage. And, I am rarely feeling like a walk or engaging in any sort of physical presence (except sex of course). As I was walking this morning I contemplated what I learned from the articles and reflected upon how I would apply them and make them stick. The "going" part is an absolute... regardless of how I feel. It just isn't up for debate for myself. I've taken that option off the table. However, I've left myself the option to decide how long and how far once I have managed the "go" part. For example, this morning the goal was 5 minutes and I fully intended on making it at least 5 minutes. But once I stepped foot outside... I felt so good I wanted to go longer.... so I went for almost 20. I could have made it longer, but I decided not to push because I don't want an excuse to not go for my 5 minutes tomorrow and Heaven knows I would use it as an excuse if my body did more than it could handle. I'm pathetic, I know.... but, hey.... I am working on it.

I enlisted the help of an app "rock my run." Love it! The last song playing on my return home was "All about that bass," so I was rockin it! I even got home and replayed it so I could dance to it. I stepped outside of my comfort zone... I'd say it was a good test of the theory.... for today. Now we will see if I can manage 5 minutes tomorrow morning.... keeping in mind that consistency is my aim.
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