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People seem to think INFJs are rigid like ISFJs--stereotypes, and cannot possibly 'be' INFJs if we're "fun," or (gasp) "cuss," i.e. called 'cursing' or 'swearing.'

I like this meme because it reflects the playful side of healthier, perhaps more confident and older INFJs:

Not, perhaps, ironic: I used to have a Hummingbird Sanctuary on my bedroom balcony, when I lived in San Diego, on the migratory route down to Mexico, and some hummers wintered over, but regardless, I got to observe, enjoy so many different kinds instead of what so many in the U.S. 'only' get: the ruby-throats. We hardly got those--too small to compete with the others.

Also, when I was in Ohio in the 90s (back here now), I fed and bird watched: Saw, noted, recorded details on about 29 kinds of birds, although of course most were our standards: grackles, brown-headed cowbirds, various sparrows, Cardinals, blue jays, tufted titmice, nuthatches and my favorite: black-capped chickadees.

I got to watch a grackle choose a sparrow, start with the brain (books I read, 'experts wrote') asserted grackles ate 'only' the brain, but nope, I watched all day with short breaks to grab a bite to eat, go to the bathroom, came back and watched as the grackle ate all but one feather.

That feather had the quill stuck in some dirt in the lawn, waved a tad in the wind, almost like a surrender flag brought out too late in battle.

I used to share this story, or try to, with others and it took years before one or two found it as interesting, and not 'ugh' as everyone else.

No surprise the few who enjoyed it were INTJs or INTPs. If I had shared it with another INFJ (found one to share it with), I am confident most would have found the incident interesting too.

Bird watching is listed in Naomi L. Quenk's book, Was That Really Me? as a common hobby for INFJs, especially great because it gives us the chance to use our inferior Se in a relaxing way.

Yup. I knew that long before I read a damn thing about MBTI.
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