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A couple hours ago my husband took me to Goodwill to look for jeans, and damned if I didn't find two pair of jeans and three pair of crop jeans--unprecedented as I usually can't wear women's clothing (broad shoulders, long arms and torso, boy hips, no behind, long legs.

I got hired as a runway model when I was 19, asked by snotty classmates if I had a 'tape worm' when I was a teenager. (Short gig, I hated; I don't even enjoy trying on clothing or other people touching me, so that wasn't gonna work out. I enrolled in college instead.)

I usually wear a lot of men's things like t-shirts, jeans, jackets, parkas, shoes, although when I am at the lower end for my weight range (I am 5' 9" tall), I can find some stuff in the women's section more readily.

I'm down to two pair of jeans that fit; had to store away the bigger pairs, so I was relieved to find three pair of jeans on the rack that might fit, and three pair of denim crop paints.

A pair of indigo jeans fit perfectly, slim to the knee then bottoms are bells; reminds me of when I was 12. The look on my husband's face when I came out of the fitting room made it extra awesome--huge grin and that look of pride he gets that reads, This is "my" wife.

Then he told me to go to the men's section for bed shirts, and I got three including a mock turtle neck.

When I found the first of the crop pants that I thought might fit--with a playful pattern running vertically down the outside of each thigh, he smiled, said "Those are cute," and I agreed.

I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. I felt like a dorky kid in them--and I like that feeling.

I started a thread years ago on INTJf called something like Tri-Lambda Quiz, which doesn't exist any more as it did--the quiz doesn't; I found one similar but not nearly as detailed, and it didn't have some of the more fun questions on it.

But the one I took and shared? I won the 'coveted' Tri-Lambda Award (only one of two, and many took it) because I scored equally nerd, geek and dork). And I didn't know it was from a movie called Revenge of the Nerds. so I think I should get extra points for my ignorance.

I don't dress to 'stereotype,' e.g. about 80% of San Franciscans dress to impress, which to them means 'sophisticated' and "all black," so according to PerC (and other typing forums) that would make 80% of San Franciscans INTJ or INFJ, or, say, 60% INTJ or INFJ with 20% clinically depressed.

It's all so absurd as no MBTI or other personality type 'practitioner,' including Myers-Briggs, Naomi L. Quenk (or enneagram specialists like Riso, Hudson and Chestnut ever posited that people's 'clothing' (or food or any other similar) choice is a reflection of their personality type.

I dress for comfort; buy what I can afford and is available usually from Goodwill (hand-me-downs from a variety of people, men and women); for what will make doing laundry less arduous and more economical (I stay away from purple and red because I would never own enough to justify the water bill for an extra small load of those colors).

I love fall colors most of all but they aren't always available at Goodwill in my size, made well, priced so I can afford it, "and" I wear some colors and styles for my husband's pleasure.

If it were up to me and I could afford to buy what I wanted to I would choose all one color for my top and all one color for my bottom--underwear too, and just grab something from the closet. I'd go with dark blue for everything I owned: So easy to get dressed, do laundry, replace items.

But as this isn't a possibility, what I actually own is a mix of dark blues, turquoise, green, oranges, beige, brown, grey, black, some patterns skirts for summer.

Once in a while I get a kick out of something I find at Goodwill.

Two weeks ago I bought a bed shirt there, 30% off too with the monthly discount card.

It's mustard yellow with some red writing down each sleeve (I can't remember what it says). On the back it has "Nutritional Facts" in large black print with a Bible verse from the New Testament, book of John, underneath, gist, "Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."

When I first read "Nutritional Facts" I didn't see what was written above--big letters: The Eucharist, so I thought it was from Weight Watchers or some similar organization. (I have a habit of zeroing in on certain information and working from that, then often having to backtrack when it turns out I missed something vital to understanding. In this case my focusing on Nutritional Facts and interpreting it, naturally, for 'regular' food made my discovery more amusing.)

I don't troll, but if I did, oh to wear that to my husband's church would be such fun (for me), especially because almost everyone there is anti-Catholic, and most there already know I'm, to their minds, 'odd.'

If I celebrated Halloween, I could have gone as a Catholic nun working in the ghetto, which would be appropriate as I grew up there, and in 2009 actually became Catholic.

I'd put a pair of bell bottom jeans (the indigo ones I bought today from Goodwill) with the mustard colored t-shirt, and wear a big crucifix. With my short hair, no jewelry, no make-up, and all the rest I 'don't do', it would be a natural choice for a Halloween costume.

But I'm no troll, so I wear it when I play with our rats then sleep in it, toss it in the laundry basket next day and pull something from the closet based on the weather, not my MBTI type.
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