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I got up, had the Writer's Market out for remembering to get to work on sending off the haiku and senryu--great critic of my own, not just other people's work, so I don't send it out if I am not positive it will be published (and not since my 20s have I been wrong).

I could tell I wasn't going to work on choosing editors today, so while I was out taking my Vitamin D walk I asked myself some questions to figure out the problem, and I answered my internal interrogator... going back and forth until we worked it out, i.e. I knew, or rather remembered, why I was dragging my feet:

The energy that I put into--or any serious writer puts into--publishing is the same regardless of the form used and the manuscript submitted--in time, money, other kinds of energy.

The pay-off for poetry isn't satisfying enough for me as it would be for someone who only used that form, in this case someone only writing and submitting haiku and senyu. (Or as in the old days for me, someone younger, with fewer health problems, plenty of energy to spare for short forms and too much practical work for longer ones.)

Doing laundry, down in the basement, I spotted the tall box with my book-length manuscript in it--what I had planned (back when I was well enough to work on it, over three years ago) to do for chapter intros or internal chapter headings:

Use my own writing, shorter forms, and in this case, my senryu and haiku--either those I've already written, or those I will write for the purpose.

Perfect, efficient, great lead in for the longer, more involved manuscript.

I breathed easy after that, because I was wondering if I had lost the motivation, and if so, why.

Nope, just had to have someone ask me the right questions, and lucky me:

I have an internal observer-cum-mentor, and she's competent at that and at the actual creative output. ✍(◔◡◔)
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