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I agree with everything you've written (although, I wasn't previously familiar with dodgeball). What I find quite entertaining is how entering the different sub-forums with a different 'label' will automatically change the way people interact with you (if they've had no experience of you before), and it will colour the way people 'read' what you've written. They will jump to conclusions about your motivation and your ability to XYZ, and then based on these conclusions they will respond to what you've written with a different state of mind, positively, negatively, condescendingly, or 'relate' to you, etc. I have been tempted to change my label to 'unknown' just to avoid this, but 'unknown' also causes a certain level of distrust. [Apologies to everyone reading this whose type label is 'unknown' or actually does not know they type!]. The irony is that we want to be accepted and respected for who we truly are, and yet when we put a label on [identifying ourselves] it can result in the opposite.
I kept nodding throughout.

I did, actually, go with Unknown largely because I grew tired of all the game playing, and by extension, being associated with it because I noticed that some persons were "pitching posts to me" in order to see if my responses jibed, to their mind/ear as INFJ or some other type.

That, and all the type-changing, some drastic ones too. I thought, eh, I've never liked constricting anything; never was a joiner, so Unknown for me just means there is no INxJ so it's the next best thing.

It won't stop those who lean this or that way to look at a photo, no context; or a body of posts out of, what, over 5,000; oh, and my avatar--let's not leave 'that' out, then say, "Branch is an xxxx! no doubt about it."

I had someone type me ISFP because I have three rats. (Insert eye roll.)

Based on that last criterion, i.e. my love of animals in general and my having what to most people's mind are 'pets' well, then, 75% or more of all Americans are "also" ISFPs, which is absurd, yet those who do this kind of Simple Simon typing don't blink when asserting it.

I have had a few people tell me they like my avatar and that it is very INFJ.

This is amusing because I didn't choose it with any type in mind.

I thought it represented me well, just a sense I had that one of my nicknames--one I used for Halloween--and it went well together: Hydraness.

And Hydraness had more than one meaning for me, as it still does--not one of them related to INFJ in particular or MBTI in general.

Context, or the ever needed, 'Why?' and an honest answer or round or questions and answers--again, honest, would help some of us getting closer to real selves and closer to others' real selves, MBTI and other personality theories set aside:

We'd just all benefit from it as beings of the same species sharing not only this site but the very Earth itself.
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