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People thinking with their dicks based on pics and gaming who then buy into someone else's self-typing for fun irritates me.

It irritates me more regarding a particular person who reminds me of one of my narcissistic sisters--so Fi one would think only an idiot--sans savant--would fall for it, and yet, time after time baby sister fooled so many for so long.

Eh, I diapered and otherwise cared for and counseled her for so long--metaphorically she is still (in her 40s) wearing Pampers, so I understood her well, and fairly early--nothing to do with MBTI which she self-tested (online) as ENFP after I had her take the test. She did it for fun; I doubt she remembers what she got, and I'm certain she remembers no details.

[If I ran across her in person, or had enough posts--as a stranger--to go by, and some PMs would seal it, I'd type baby sister as an INFP 'secondary' to her diagnoses (she's had more than one; they all add up to Personality Disorders).

No, Double Trouble, neither of you are as you appear and enjoy manipulating others into believing you are, but I have to remember, when dicks do the thinking, there's nothing mysterious about the outcome.
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