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She's had these previous to her arrival here. They are actually called pseudo seizures, which I'd never even heard of before. She's been seen by a neurologist and diagnosed with the pseudo seizures. There is no electrical... whatever... going on in her brain when she has them apparently, from what I've been told by our own nurses and by the ER doc when I rode with her to the hospital a while back. They are caused by an underlying mental health issue, which has obviously not be addressed.

Pretty much... my current pup is almost 2 yrs old and really isn't motivated to play much with toys, even outside. He loves other dogs though... and he would really love a pup. He wants to hang out with my mom's (elderly) dog, but he's a grump and has no use for a rambunctious youngster. (He doesn't hate him, he just doesn't wish to play with him.)

She is a hysteric, for sure. Last night she was awake eating her snack when I came on so I informed her that her shaking and baking was quite impressive... she did a good job of it when it was going on, flopping about and all that stuff. She about spit her pretzel out. :laughing: I guess she wasn't expecting such comments from staff. Made her laugh, though. (We have a good back & forth thanks to our 2 hr bonding session when she went to the ER) I asked her if they made her tired and she said yes. I'll bet... the seizures are quite violent and the entire body is involved with the thrashing about. Made me tired just watching!

We've had kids like that. Not for seizures, but for other stuff... type 1 diabetes and that stuff. Dumb ass kids.

It's currently 19F here. HEAT WAVE! :laughing: Seriously, though... I went and got my migraine meds (and others whilst I was at it) today because the weather's supposed to jump back up to the mid to upper 40s tomorrow and for several days after. This kinda jumpy around, weather wise, tends to get my migraines started up. (I should've been a meteorologist!) Wanted to be ahead of that game and have the meds on hand, just in case.

I'm extremely tolerant of the cold... I don't get cold very easily (When everyone else is freezing in my facility, I think it's hot, lol) which is good, because it takes more cold to really get to me. However... I despise the cold. With a passion. So even if I'm not suffering yet, I'm annoyed anyway. And no way in hell would I leave my house at -70 below. Fuck all that!


So... just returned a bit ago from the emergency vet. My mom dropped her blood pressure medication (1 pill) which the pup then promptly ate... or at least, we couldn't find the pill anyway. Fortunately, the vet determined that the pill was low dose enough and the pup weighty enough that no further care was necessary. (No induced vomiting, etc) Which was good news... they said he should be fine, just keep an eye on him tonight and call them if he wasn't acting right.

Mom was about hysterical when I left with the pup... she'd pretty much assumed she'd killed him. Which, to be honest, I wasn't too sure if she hadn't done that myself, I just wasn't saying so... but I knew he needed to get to the vet ASAP... and of course, it's a weekend and most places aren't even open... just have oncall docs and what not. So... we went to the ER vet... I've been there before, of course. (Shit always happens on a weekend or a holiday, trust me.) They're good folks over there, which is what you need when you're in a crisis situation and all that.

I didn't get charged for anything cuz they didn't really even see him. They weighed him, took the medication name/dosage info I had from the medication bottle and went off to do some math. Fortunately, the med is a med they give to dogs and it's on the low dose end of that... and the pup is heavy enough that it would be a safe dosage for a dog of his size.

So... it just cost me the time and gas to drive the pup clear to the far side of the city (just a few blocks from work!) and back.

Just a few minutes ago when I took the pup up to my mom's room so I could get ready for work, she tells me that she searched the bathroom again (she'd already searched it twice) and had found the pill. So the pup had never even eaten it. Which is even better than the diagnosis of him being ok cuz it was a low dose. Mom will definitely sleep better tonight, anyway!

Have to be careful with meds when pups are around... four legged and two legged varieties.

Tonight is the last night, so... I should get to hang out in central control and be chill all night. Which is good. I've spent the past four days running my ass off on the unit. A rest will be nice.

Met another new part timer yesterday. I thought I was in love with the last one? Shhiiiit. Nope. Not anymore. I'm now in love with this new one! So so so fucking smart! It made me so happy, you don't even know. They left her alone with me :)shocked: I know...) for a couple hours and we had great conversation. She likes what I like! She's smart... she knows who Michio Kaku is! (Most of the people I work with haven't any idea who Neil deGrasse Tyson is, let alone who Michio Kaku is...) It was so awesome! And she was enjoying our convo as well... she was sad when it was time for her to go home. (Though glad because she was tired... single mom with a 5 yr old son)

I was surprised they left her alone with me. They haven't let me train anyone or anything even remotely close to that since forever. (They dislike it when you tell the noobs the truth from the start, for some reason.) So I was quite shocked when Sam dumped her in my lap. Actually, not entirely surprised he dumped her in my lap. Sam's not about to train someone... Sam doesn't like to do actual work. He does enjoy naps, however...

So I trained her all up... properly so my shit won't be fucked up if she works in front of me. She got it all quickly and even did the paperwork (she wanted to) after I showed her. I only had to explain a couple other things to her in the process and most of that had to do with our antiquated DOS based programs... something she'd never even seen before, let alone actually used.

And my night went by quite quickly because of all that.

I just want to get the next 8 over and get home for my days off. I want to sleep in. I want to sleep, period. In, out, sideways... I don't even care. I didn't sleep all that well today and I had no time for rest since I had to run to the ER vet and stuff. Bummer.

Anyway... it's almost that time, so off I shall go!

PS: No puppies. Le sigh​.
Thanks for the detailed response, some of which made me smile of course.

Your two-year-old clearly needs a buddy!

Great thing about the pill issue? It reminded you, I'm sure, that when you get the baby, your mom and you, whoever else is around popping aspirin or whatever, needs to be careful because the little one might have eaten it and died.

I figured the inmate (I'll just call Seizure Girl that when I don't use her proper name :p ) was a hysteric. My biological mother was, too.

Thomas Szasz wrote about them--and of course many others have--in his book, The Myth of Mental Illness, and damned if he didn't 1) Describe an actual hysterical performance (apparently quite common) that I watched my mother do, and my father contemptuously ignore, 2) Thomas Szasz had respect for hysterics because, gist, they didn't take their unhappiness without protest, and pretty damn obvious protest at that.

Sorry about your migraines. I got a sister who gets them, known others who have them routinely. I only had two in my life, full-blown, both after my biologically mother arranged my marriage to a sociopath (actual, not my take on it--up on murder charges in 2001 or so--long after I divorced and steered clear of the man). I've had serious headaches, debilitating even, since then but no migraines, which is great because I got enough physical problems.

Yeah, 75 below with wind chill "factor" was a bit much. After three years in Madison I spread a map of the U.S. on a coffee table, ruled out lots of areas, zeroed in on ones I wanted: Away from biological relatives, plenty of sunshine, near an ocean, mountains... Ended up in San Diego for 16 years (back and forth, moving a few places in between for stories, my husband's work, et cetera).

And now here I am back in Ohio. Fuck, I hate it.

But come summer at least we can get out of this primitive little town. Akron may sound horrid to those who've grown up in suburbs but to this urban chick it'll be awesome when compared to here. I need something more than Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip (metaphorically, i.e. religious) and literally 'cause you know, the food here is about that imaginative too.

Please Mention or otherwise get my attention when you finally have the baby dog? I'm looking forward to reading about his antics.

Don't know if you have time or inclination to read about dogs--if the stories are well done, but the writer John Grogan wrote one called Me and Marley (best seller). I bought a used copy; got finished with his memoir called The Longest Way Home (good read), so I'm going to read the best seller next, when it arrives, via BetterWorldBooks $4.00 including shipping. *Woot
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