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Imagining people--those who know me as well as those who don't (knowing me being relative here), and their reading my latest posts... Well, posts into the future, i.e. I am weaning off one of two medications I have been taking since 2001 for auto-immune and spine disease-related pain and fatigue.

I am doing whatever is necessary to deal with this, and I'll continue to do so within certain boundaries, e.g. I won't break forum rules and I will stay--to the best of my ability and judgment--amiable. That's about all I can promise myself.

I'm thinking of this because of the posts I blogged a bit ago; maybe the last three; maybe four...

I usually get this kind of playful only in person and with someone I trust, but no holds barred, now--bearing the above in mind. ✍(◔◡◔)
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