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We have a curfew here and the National Guard still deployed. I don't think this is going to go away any time soon. Obviously I don't condone looting, destruction of property and all that... and I don't know who's been caught at it here, but seems the ones (that city police chiefs are willing to talk about, anyway) that are being caught at it elsewhere are quite often outside instigators. White supremacist groups, anarchists, Antifa and perhaps even some influencers from Russia and ISIS.

I'm not sure we're a big enough city to attract such attention.

I watched some last night, as you can read in the post... some of the protests and what not. The protest at the Capital building here was peaceful. No tear gas, no scuffles with State Troopers... nothing. The troopers were standing on the stairs of the capital with their shields, but they were resting their shields on the ground in front of them, rather than holding them. Nobody approached them, they did not approach anyone. The protesters demonstrated peacefully and then moved along.

The protest down the street at the Hall of Justice was more ugly. The Sheriffs Dept. decided to disperse the crowd, as soon as they started moving, people started confronting them. Water bottles started getting thrown, shields came into play... a young lady was thrown to the ground by her hair by a deputy and tear gas was shot, less then lethal, people arrested, etc, etc, etc.

It was hard to watch and not notice the difference in response by the law enforcement and the effect it had on the response of the crowd. Legally the Sheriff's dept. was well within it's rights. It was an hour after the curfew, they told the crowd to disperse (after letting them hang out for an hour or so) and they didn't.

I just wonder if maybe... if the deputies could've shown some sign of solidarity? Some sort of we hear you sort of thing and not been as aggressive, perhaps the crowd would've responded better?

I don't know. It's hard to say. Tensions and emotions on both sides are very high. I just think that if cooler heads would prevail a little and maybe work together to help disperse the crowds and stop the violence, maybe that might actually work a little bit better than just... doing what you're legally allowed to do, you know?

Sometimes you have to bend/break the rules a bit to do the right thing.

This is not the right thing. Like... seriously. What the fuck.

Keep it classy, SLCPD (Salt Lake City, UT).

Another interesting thing to me during this whole thing that's going on is that there are cops that are being fired for police brutality (excessive force) during protests that are taking place because of police brutality. I mean... seriously? There are a metric shit ton of cameras all 'round, including the media, and you can't control yourself? I get being upset and frustrated and angry (both sides) but... if you are a police officer and you know there are cameras watching every move you make and you still cannot control yourself? You're probably in the wrong career field. Just sayin.

I don't know what the evening will bring here. No alerts have popped up on my phone or anything, so we'll see.

I had the puppos outside before sending them off to my mom's room so I could get ready for work. It's nice and warm outside today... 90s. About time... the weather's been so ugh lately. 90s is pretty warm and I don't like baking, really, but there was also a lot of wind... lots of wind... so, it wasn't as bad as all that. I didn't even have to turn the patio ceiling fan on or anything.

I did a little gaming whilst the big pup laid about (his favorite hobby, lazy slug!) and the wee pup chased the disc I was tossing to him every couple minutes. (Didn't want to over do it, it being hot and he not being acclimated yet) I'm sure they're both going to sleep well tonight. That will make my mom happy. Usually they sleep pretty well, but sometimes they're restless because they know I'm not here. My poor laddies. 🐶🐶

The protesters are the Hall of Justice again. Curfew is in 3 mins. (9p tonight as opposed to the 8p of last night) The people speaking were telling people to remain peaceful and resist, but not fight or destroy or burn. So... we'll see how that works out I guess.

Work is still it's boring covid-19, low population self right at the moment. Total of four on my unit. Malachi was a secondary yesterday (as was Isaiah) and since I had so little clothes, he folded them in the laundry room for me... so I literally had pretty much nothing to do all night long. Mal folded and sorted... so I all I had to do was assemble my sets and put them away. About... 5 mins? Maybe?

Talked with Malachi for a while. Because I could, for a change.

We were remembering stuff. Before Sam quit, he would walk around all high and mighty and be a dickhead and what not, supervisory wide. And we were remembering he and Phil together (as supervisors) after Brad (supervisor) left. Brad was basically what kept them honest. When he quit, Phil and Sam ran amok. They would change people's (quite often Malachi's) post assignments so that all their friends would be available to meet in the max security unit and play video games all night. (Usually golf... cuz more players could play at once)

And Sam & Phil and their cronies would call around on the phone and order pizzas... just for them. I remember the first time I caught them at it... I was going outside for break and walked past the training room and they were all in there with the door shut (it locks if it's shut), with their pizza and bread sticks and wings and stuff... chomping away.

I was never included. Malachi was never included. Kate was never included.

And then they talk about teamwork. 🖕

Gotta dip, I've run outta time already.

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A much better night in the city last night. The protesters at the HoJ were peaceful... lead by high school students. Unlike the night before, there was no law enforcement presence at all. The protesters did their bit and then left. No violence, no nonsense. They marched to the capital building where the state police and the national guard were hanging out. Law enforcement only approached protesters to kneel with them for 9 minutes, in memory of George Floyd. And that was that...

There were some idiots in a different part of the city trying to loot a Target store, but they were not related to the protest and they where a few miles away, so... yeah.

The difference in the crowd of protesters when there was a high (riot gear covered clad) presence of police officers vs. when there was no law enforcement presence was... night and day. I honestly don't know why they (the sheriff's dept.) didn't do this the night before. I mean, it seems common sense to me... that by bringing in and massing a metric shit ton of officers, in full riot gear (with other officers on the roof with all manner of weapons aimed down at protesters) that you might actually be escalating a situation, even if that wasn't your intent.

I dunno. I'm looking at it from a corrections perspective, I suppose. When we have a shit show happening (and we have had riots before in my facility) we don't have any guns. Or pepper spray. Or tear gas. Or riot gear. Or batons. Or dogs. Or flash bangs. We got none of that.

We have our words and our hands/feet. That's it. (We do have a couple of shields and I think like 3 helmets, but that's it) When you and your adversary are standing on equal ground like that... when you've no more weapons or means to protect yourself than they do? You tend to learn to use your fucking words. You learn how to de escalate and how to remove players who are causing escalation. (Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes it's not, but they still gotta go) You my still end up going hands on, but a lot of times you can prevent doing that by just using your words.

The only thing I recommend not doing when using your words is the reflective listening technique. It's really not effect on people over the age of about... 10 yrs old. You pull that shit with me and I'm going to be even more pissed. What I do recommend is listening. Listening first. Asking questions. And then trying to work out a solution. Sometimes the solution, once all parties have calmed down enough to chat, isn't even a huge dealio.

It's hot outside. That's part of the reason I'm inside. The main reason is because I stayed up too late this morning and now tired because I didn't get enough sleep. And being outside in the heat, with a tired noggin' seemed like a good idea to end up with a headache, if not an outright migraine. No sense in trying to get shit started when I can just stay inside today and have a bit of a nap or rest here in a bit before going to work.

That time this morning went by fast. Next thing I knew, it was well past my bedtime. I need to watch the time better, I guess. Lest I suffer for it on the other end.

My niece had a bit of heart surgery today. It was not a serious surgery. Well, I mean... it was surgery, on her heart, but as far as heart surgeries go, it wasn't a serious issue that was being corrected nor was it a serious surgery in correcting it. And by serious, I mean like life altering/life ending. She got that done today, she's home already.

She started have this (non life threatening) issue with her in high school. I don't know the exact name of it (I did at one point years ago, but I've forgotten)... basically, part of her heart (a wee part) sometimes loses it's shit and decides to dance to the beat of it's own drummer. So she had an ablation. And hopefully that will stop it's nonsense.

My mom had to go in for a echo last week cuz they thought something was going on with her heart... and the results came back and her heart is fine. She just needs to up her bp meds a bit... the pressure was a bit (not terrible) high and causing some sort of a ruckus. So... yeah.

Lots of nonsense going on in the background.

Nothing else really going on around here. Business as usual. Work is boring. Not to much to note there. Though I did get back another leave request for July... so now I have 3 four day weekends in a row. I also peeped the schedule and they have me marked off on July 5... but not July 4 or 6. Which... what's the point of having the 5th off all by itself? There is no point. So... it seems pretty obvious that I'll be working over the holiday. Even though they will have had four months to cover those shifts.

Of course, I though one other one was going to end up like that and in the end, it ended up approved... so stranger things have happened. But... we have so few part timers. And even less that want to actually work. Even less than that who want to work 3rd shift and even less than that who want work a holiday... even though that's the entire reason that they're hired... to cover vacations and holidays.

We've hired three more, but I'm not holding my breath on that. I was so excited when they hired three like about six months ago... never have seen any of them working. Not once. Ever.

I was exciting because when they're brand new, they tend to work whatever is available. And then two weeks to a month later, you never seen them again. Or rarely and it's never on 3rd shift. Dickholes.

July is going to be awesome, though, regardless. I'm going to working very little of it. So... when my leave gets denined for the 4th-6th... I'm wondering what to do... should I take off two days two weeks in a row in August then? Make it like... five weeks in a row that I have four day weekends?

Jesus... Natalie's fucking head would explode. :p

I'm not doing any of it to annoy her, for the record. Just like I didn't take 3 day weekends for 8 weeks back during the winter to annoy her. I just didn't want to be at work. Wasn't thinking about her at all.

I might go to RN's this Friday. She asked me last week if I wanted to come over, but by the time I saw the message (I'm not one whose phone is attached at the hip, particularly when I'm at home) hours after she sent it and then she wanted me to come over and it was like... 730p... and I had dogs out and I wasn't dressed and hadn't showered and... I just said that maybe we could meet up this week and hang out.

It should be a good day for pool time, too. It's supposed to be hot as fuck all week. So, we'll see how it goes. I can only take the big pup. I don't want any dog fights. The wee pup would be terrified and he's not good with strangers (people or dogs), either. I don't want anyone to get bit. I want to bring him and see how it goes, but if it goes poorly, then I have to load him up and drive all the way back home. I dunno.

I think he'd have a blast with pup that she got last spring. If he could chill balls long enough to realize she doesn't want to eat him or whatever it is he thinks strangers are going to do with him. He's such a fucking spaz! Big pup loves everybody... he's not a problem at all.

Moderators on a local forum I belong to are like... sigh. Every month or so, they decide that doing something or other is causing a problem... and then you can't do it anymore. The current new motives are that you can't (general) questions and that you have to have a photo (your own photo, not one snatched off the interwebs) on every post. Because... I have no fucking idea. Other than the reply of too man people are asking general questions, explanation. I pretty much stopped posting maybe a year or so ago when one of my posts was removed for violating the rules... despite other people having (repeatedly, before during and after) violating the same rule. And no, it wasn't anything that could be construed as negative in any way shape or form, for the record.

People are confused. I'm not. Moderators on forums tend to be like this. I've been on forums since way back in the pre world wide web days. Back in newsgroups and shit. It's moderators across the board (broadly speaking) and for years. I'm not sure why... some mods micromanage the piss outta stuff.

I've had bad moderator interactions on every forum I've been on, including this one. It's just how it works. (Not saying all moderators are this way, some are quite cool. Some are quite not.)

I had my own forum once, eons and eons ago. I didn't moderate it. Figured everyone was a grown up and as such they were quite capable of sorting shit out themselves. I had only one rule and that rule was Don't Be A Dick. I never had to boot anyone. Of course, it was a smaller forum, not like a had a thousand or three people on it, but... still.

I get that larger forums need some guidance, as it were... a little community policing or what not. And that's fine... it's when the moderation is illogical or silly or just... weird. Like... da fuq, dude? I don't do well with shit that doesn't make any sort of sense. I think I might've mentioned that before. :unsure:

Well... think I'm going to go have a lie about for a while before work. I'll leave you with this because I actually like the hurdy gurdy. This is a little different than what I'm used to hearing from a hurdy gurdy, but I like it.


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omg something happened here and i feel so lost lol o_O
Yeah. It sucks, too. The death knells of PerC.


Last night. Woot. 😁 (Man, I miss all the little drinking emojis...)

I tried to be able to go home early tomorrow morning by 1.25 hrs, because I have 1.25 hours of PTO that I need to get rid of before I lose it, but... we don't have enough staff. (Gee... shocker, that.) So. I'm doing it on Saturday. Which is kind of a waste... I mean, I get to go home early, but it's not like getting an early start on the days off or anything, it's just going home early and... nothing.

Not much I can do about it. My choices were Saturday or Sunday. Didn't really matter, both would amount to the same thing in the end, so I just took Saturday, since it is closer and since I'm leaving, Natalie won't be able to do so. 😜 No, I really didn't do it to mess with her... I really wanted to do it tomorrow, just ended up being Saturdays. But... yeah. Two birds, one stone, eh?

Work is so fucking boring. I was on max security last night. My one night of something different is the exact same thing in a different location. Yay me. There's a bit more to do over there because there are more youth over there as half the unit is for quarantine... for new inmates. Two weeks they spend locked up in that unit... most of the time in their cells. (Because only one can be out at a time. One out, disinfect. Next one out, disinfect, etc.)

On 3rd shift it's not a thing, of course. There's just twice as many kids. And even that ain't much.

I had a sore foot this morning. I had a wrinkle in my sock... didn't bother me until the night was about over. By the time I got home, I wanted nothing more than to rip my boots off and find out what was making my foot hurt so much. That's when I found the wrinkle in the sock. Amazing how much something as little as that can cause all matter of ruckus.

Went to sleep (it still hurt) and dreamt that I had pain in my foot and when I looked at it there was this weird growth thing going on. Well... it didn't look like a growth, really. It was kinda squarish and then had a top that sorta looked like bloody, splintered bone. So... dream me decides this is probably bad and goes to the hospital. I tell them about it and they pull my sock off (no idea why I would've put a sock back on) and instead of one icky lump thing going on, there are now three. They look clustered like... broccoli or some shit.

The nurse is looking and it picks at one of them a bit and then just pulls the top off. It's like... crumbly black shit.

And all I could think of in the dream, at the point in time, was that they were going to cut off my foot. I thought it was gangrene. But, you know... I woke up, so I didn't get any confirmation from any doctor or anything.

Usually things like that don't enter my dream. Like things happening around me or to me don't end up in my dreams. I think my foot was probably still hurting a bit from the wrinkle when I went to sleep, that's probably why I dreamt what I did. But who the hell knows? Brains are weird.

Someone asked me today what I would have done had I been present when George Floyd was being murdered by members of the Minneapolis police department. And you know what? That's a really good question... and not a very easy one to answer.

While I'm 999.9% sure I would have intervened, the dealio is that I don't know when I would've done that. As a civilian, even as someone who works in the law enforcement arena, there is some caution to be used when confronting police. Yes? And as a member of the law enforcement arena, all other things being equal, I would still likely not attempt to intervene right away.

It's not fear, it's more like... a hesitation to step on the toes of members of another agency. And it's not the gang mentality... more like professional courtesy + the belief (hope) that these are reasonable officers, reasonably trained professionals who will be able to self regulate.

Feel me? It's not a fear to intervene and piss someone off... or even get arrested or whatever, it's the belief that they are you. That they are a professional and have been trained and out in the streets in uniform... and that because of those things that will act as you would act under the same circumstances. (This is hard to explain...)

So I don't think I would intervene directly. I pretty much know with 100% certainty that I would not. But... I believe most certainly that I would have intervened when it became apparent that they were going to self regulate and correct the problem of their own accord.

That's what I would have done, I believe, had I been there when George Floyd was being murdered. Now... at this point in time, after having witnessed that? I think now I would react much more quickly. For the sake of all involved. After watching that man die right in front of me (on video, of course)... yeah. Just... I would act now and probably pretty quickly. (still giving whomever is doing the nonsense, the opportunity to self correct.)

I hope that others would now do the same. Physically react to the situation in order to stop it. I'm not saying to beat the piss out of the cop, but... push, shove, wrestle to the ground... whatever. I don't know that people will... people quite often tend to be very placid when such things happen. Don't want to get involved, don't want to get hurt, etc.

I get that, but still. Do something. Of course the problem with physically intervening is that you're going to go to jail for it. You should be aware of that... and you may have to ride those charges out if nobody's filming. So... there's that, too. One has to think through all the consequences, which is why intervention is a hard decision to make.

Got the news rolling in the background. Not because of protests, but because of the weather. It's about an hour out, but it don't look good. That's fun. Six years ago today, I left for work an hour late (I called, of course) due to the weather being downright shit. (70 mph winds, rain, ping pong ball sized hail) I had no desire to be stuck out on the interstate or whatever, in the midst of any of that nonsense.

You know the weather ain't good when the local news weather peeps are all at work and doing live broadcasts and live updates and all that fun stuff.

I hope it doesn't rain too much. I really want to be able to play with the puppos in the morning. We didn't play outside tonight because it's really hot and I didn't want to be out there and then have to go to work and be hot (our ac is questionable most of the time) whilst wearing a mask and breathing my own hot air all over myself. (This morning, the first thing I did after letting the dogs out was take all my clothes off. (except my drawers) Not even kidding. I was so fucking hot... and not it's warm over night, too, so you can't even step outside to cool off! Bah!

Anyway. 'Tis that time. Be safe out there people. And do better, eh? We should all do better.
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