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Ehm well. I dont have any reason to believe that sex traffiking is occurring on personalitycafe. I haven't been here for very long, and I actually enjoy the staff here a lot; they seem really friendly and reasonable; wicker has great insight and helpful advice. So I want to say that I do not believe that personalitycafe is involved in anything like that; but I haven't been here long.

Regarding immoral individuals, etc. I've tracked down and shut out actual hackers, and I'm not talking about a member from another area, and so I'm really not worried about it.

But yeah corruption and greed is bad :(
Not occuring, but can be, as all of the internet, a kill zone for many, many people of both sexes, to bait and capture enthusiastic younger people. Ive had many, many memos about that occuring on varios desks of mine over the time. I like the staff too, they are voluntary, and they seem increasingly serious about what quality means on an online platform, which is a positive foundation for the future.

You putting them the buttcorks is funny. I respect that. Pls continue. :)

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LMAO I don't know what you mean by buttcorks.

The main thing is, there's been obvious tracking from my other accounts, and even blatant phishing against me that seem to correlate to these communities. I've made it known I would rather have all communications limited to here, and not my other accounts. That combined with the blatant false claims of stalking and other actions is what leads me to believe of corrupt and immoral behavior. I already reported everything, it's really out of my control; and I'm leaving it to the professionals. I stated a request for a takedown of the false claims, but they hadn't done so; which is why I plan on going down the litigation route. All because you're a moderator of a small forum doesn't mean you have the power to lie about individuals and defame them publicly, for whatever reason.

I probably will stay semi-active here, because it's something fun to do, and I don't think of any reason not to, unless there's some data tracking somehow from visiting, but I'm hoping that's not happening.

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Buttcorks are a torture mechanism that significantly limit ones ability to, you know, get out what needs to get out, without carnage, anyway. Or so I imagined it.

Stalking, when it is the real thing, and not some victimization for the sake of attention whoring and feeling entitles is actually quite serios stuff.

But again, Im happy youre buttcorking that all to the maximum. Youve got a great grip of handling matters. Keep that going, as we will all need that in the NEAREST future. Nice to see normality in an anormal world.

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haha ahh that's what you mean, lmao.

Yeah real stalking is really really bad.

Also, I recommend to anyone here, if you believe that anything serious is going on (sex traffiking, etc) to submit an anonymous tip to the FBI here:

They're actually really awesome individuals, don't be afraid to submit a tip or any helpful information to them

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I already mentioned my intentions, and yeah it's going to be the person paying up, and not the mask
Cut off their stinky beards girl. Wash their filthy mouths with kerosine and feed them pancakes made from old eggs and poorly cooked beans in a small room till they eyes tier from all the smell they emanate. Then ask them to change behaviour for ever for an open window. That will do the trick for them. :)

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Well... 'tis the end. Back to the regluar/short days off nonsense until... well, who knows. A long little while, though.

It was ok, though. I shoved as much into my 1.5 days off as I could. Well, mostly the 1 part... the .5 part was mostly spent sleeping. I must've been quite tired as I slept all most all of Thursday. Not surprising, obviously, since I work nights but I generally try not to do that on my first day off... seems such a waste. But sometimes I just can't...

Friday, slept in a bit then had the puppos out to play. Doing some gaming as well, of course. My dad calls me whilst I'm in the midst of it. Wants to know if I wanna go cruisin' in his car... a 1965 Galaxy 500... which... yeah.


I took this picture a few years ago whilst the car was in my drive.

So... I had to gather up my stuff, get the pups inside and stuff so I could go cruise. I was pretty excited to go and ride... he's asked me before, in recent months, but it's just not been in the cards. But yesterday? 'Twas good.

So we drove about for close to two hours. Not in typical cruisin' places... not in the city or anything. We went down and cruised along the river, through some small towns and all that fun stuff. Lots of trees, the river (of course) and just... pretty peaceful, really.

After my return, it was back to hanging with the pups and gaming on the patio. The pups were so excited they got to play more. Man, are they going to be bummed when winter rolls around and I won't stay outside (much) to play. I don't do cold... fuck all that. Makes my bones hurt.

Ordered Chinese for chow... and... yeah. 'Twas a good day.

Of course, after I ate the Chinese food... and I ate a lot... I was so sleepy. I wanted to game or something... or watch something... but god, so sleepy. I did watch something... something that I didn't care if I slept through. It was about the worst prisons or something. I think I made three episodes before I crashed... probably about 0200 or so.

I didn't go to bed, though. Just stayed on the couch. Whenever I would wake up, I turn the tv back on and watch until I fell back to sleep. Silly, I know... but I wanted to sleep today. Needed to sleep today... because the couch isn't very comfortable (anymore), I don't sleep soundly there... so that's where I stayed.

Got up around 0630 because the pups were having a fit. They were thirsty... it was cool last night, the ac didn't run much, it was a little warmish... so they had a pee and some water and breakfast. I just had breakfast. Decided to hang out on the couch longer... tried to watch something that I immediately slept through. Silliness, I know.

I think it was around 10 when I actually took us to bed... for realz. And we made it until 345p, so that's cool.

Was going to play with the pups when I got up, but when I was making my tea, I looked out and saw the sky. Ugh. Looked sketch. So, I didn't take my gaming stuff outside... just took me out to join the pups. My mom came out as well... we were sitting on the patio when all hell broke loose... torrential rain fall for about 10 minutes.

We hung out on the patio (it's covered) watching it rain for a while... but finally had to go inside because the wee pup couldn't stay on the patio and out of the mud, sooooooooooooo...

Exciting weekend, eh? :cool:

And now work for five days. In a row. Ugh. I don't wanna.

I hope I get some play on some of the jobs I've applied for... I'm not optimistic, though. As you well know. I don't really see the point in optimism at this point in time. It would be nice... it would be most excellent, actually... but... yeah. Not holding my breath... lest I got all Poppa Smurf.

I suppose... the upside (not really) is that in six years (well... five year and nine months, not that I'm counting) I'm retiring. I'm not doing any more than that. By that time I will have been employed full time, non stop for forty four years... that's enough. That's well past enough, actually.

I will likely be poor... very poor, actually... and I will be on a shitty low fixed income... and I may have to eat dirt and tree bark to survive... but I'm not working anymore. Not in my current occupation, anyway. Nope.

Now... if I get one of these other jobs... I will likely work longer. Maybe an extra 10 yrs instead of 6... or maybe longer if I get a job that I actually like. Maybe I'll just hang in there then.

But this job? Nope. If I'm still in this job, I'm out in 6 yrs.

And I oh so much hope I don't have to stay there 6 more years. Ugh.

Yesterday, apparently, would've been the Evil Grandmonster's 103rd birthday. I only know this because my uncle posted about it on social media. My dad, my sis, my bro, my niece and nephew all us this particular social media platform and not one of them interacted with that post at all. Because fuck that bitch.

My uncle, his wife (and her inlaws) and his kid made a big fuss over it. They believe she was a wonderful person. She was not. They rarely interacted with her (or my grandpa before he passed many years ago) because they were always "too busy". They also routinely forgot about her (like inviting her to the golden child's birthday party, telling her they'd pick her up... and then never showing up.) However... she adored them. Gave them shit loads of money, etc and so forth.

We (my family) spent every Sunday with her (and my grandpa before he passed)... my mom cleaned up her house, painted her house, etc. My dad and I mowed the lawn, fixed stuff, etc. My dad drove her everywhere until her death... to all her doc's appointments, to her friend's, back to her hometown, etc and so forth.

When she died, she gave everything to my uncle. My family was written out of the will.

Why? Well... she didn't like us. She never did. I started figuring it out when I was about 10... I was starting to see the way that my dad & mom were treated, as opposed to how my uncle & aunt were treated. And... that was the same year that she called my (at the time 7 yr old) sister a bitch for accidentally getting an bit of egg shell in the bowl whilst helping with some baking.

It become more and more pronounced.... or I just noticed it more and more, I guess... as years went by... and then when I was like... 18 yrs old, the Golden Child was born... my uncle & aunt's only child. From that point on, me and my siblings, my parents.... we were nothing.

I don't care about being written out of the will. I had seen that coming years and years before she died. It does annoy me a bit (obviously) that she is presented by my uncle (and other people who really didn't know her) as this wonderful, kind and generous person... because she was not any of those things. She was foul, mean spirited, vindictive, racist, and probably a host of other things.

The Evil Grandmoster would hate you if you were... (feel free to play along and tick off any boxes that apply to you!)

Any "fake" religion (aka Mormon, Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, etc.)
Any racial minority... or anyone who was mixed with a racial minority.
Born out of wedlock
Had a child out of wedlock
Lived together before marriage
A man under 6' tall
Do not have a college degree
Have a beard (despite my uncle having one)

And the list goes on... it's just too exhausting.

Basically, if you're not a WASP with a college degree, she hated you. Not just disliked... but hated.

And I've said this before and I'm going say it again, I'm glad the bitch is dead. Fuck her and her nonsense.

I sound bitter, I know. I'm not really. It's just... kinda depressing to know that one of your grandparents, who are supposed to love and cherish and dote on their grandchildren, hated you... for no reason other than her own biases. That fucking sucks.

Well... that was a fun tangent. Just spreading the love, yo. 🙌

Currently getting the laundry done. Or more correctly, writing here and not getting the laundry done... but whatever.

I think the latest update to Mist Survival came out... I suppose I'll have to check that out before too long. Interested to see the new stuff on the map and all that. It's going to be hard to break off my current Subsistence addiction, though. Game is so frustrating that I can't stop.

And yes, I know that makes no sense. But every time shit gets all fuckered up, it doesn't make me want to stop, it makes me want to try again and make it less fuckery. It's just that avoiding the fuckery is so damn hard sometimes.

Five years ago today at this time, I was in Scotland. And week later, I was in Ireland. It doesn't seem like it's been five years ago already. I wish I could go back. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to afford to go again. And if I went again, I'm not entirely sure I'd come back... I suppose I would... the pups being here and all. But it'd be tough. Hell, it was tough last time... it'd be harder now, though.

I wanted to retire to Ireland, but... I simply can't afford to do so. You have to have a certain amount of fundage in the bank and make a certain amount of money per year (which I barely make whilst working full time and won't come anywhere near making in retirement) and... yup. Retiring abroad is not something blue collar Americans can do.

I'm not annoyed with their standards, before anyone jumps on that... just annoyed that someone who busts ass for close to 50 yrs of their life can barely afford to retire, let alone retire abroad. Doesn't really seem fair, does it?

Well. I suppose I should go finish the laundry, lest I have to go to work nekid. Cheers 🤙


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Got bombed on the mandatory overtime thing last night.

So much fun on any day. So much better on your first night back. On my first night's back, especially in the warmer months, I don't get all the sleep I get on the other days. I just don't. And so... being made to work additional hours, against your will, when you've not had enough sleep?

Fanfuckingtastic. Indeedy weedy.

I didn't have to pull a whole 'nother 8 hrs, thankfully. 5.75 hrs is what I ended up doing. Cynder had volunteered to come it at 1115a... before I even got stuck. (And I got stuck as soon as I walked in the door.) So... I was like, yeah... it sucks, but at least I don't have to stay until 2p, right? So I was pretty chill.

Owen was the supervisor and he put me in control. Which was good... but so goddamn boring. It's Sunday, so minimal staffing, no janitors, no administration, no professional visits, etc... and because of the covid 19, no visitors, no volunteers, no... pretty much anything.

Also because of the covid 19, there is minimal movement... pretty much kids stay on their units. They eat in their cells, not in the chow hall, they go to the outdoor yard and not the gym... they don't go to the school area (where the library is), they don't really do much at all and all of what they do is on their units.

So... yeah. Basically, I sat in central control and... did not a goddamn thing. Open the occasional door... that was about it and that was few and far between. (Mostly staff breaks and Owen moving about doing supervisor stuff) It was so boring, which made time drag. But... better than having to deal with the inmates on no sleep, sooooooooooo...

So Cynder calls about 0400 to say she can be there by 1130. Ok... well, not thrilled that I have to be there an extra 15 minutes, but... it's still better than 2p, so... I'm good.

1130 rolls around and... no Cynder. 1135... no Cynder... and I'm thinking... seriously? Because I'm going to be really, really, really unhappy if this girl doesn't show up. Like... seriously fucking unhappy.

Finally at 1140 she rolls in... I get relieved at 1145... yay. Freedom!

Hit up the McDonald's because I'm legit about to starve to absolute death... and get my grub on during the drive home. Pretty much off to bed as soon as I get home. I did sit on the patio for like 5-10 minutes or so and talked with my mom... she had the pups out to play, so... at least they didn't suffer for me being being held over.

And now my name is at the bottom of that dreaded list... hopefully, it stays there for a while.

I may be in central control tonight. It's not my night, it's Natalie's... but she's off. Cassie (former full time, now part timer) is working for Natalie... Cassie, as a part timer, can't work in central control... so she will likely be in my unit and I will likely be in central control. Which means I need to find a book before I go in there...

I'm almost finished with the last of the Jodi Picoult books the library has... I have really enjoyed her books, which surprised me as I really didn't think I would. I figured she was one of the those sappy happy romance nonsense lady writers. But she's really not. She writes well and tells a good story. I'm suitable impressed.

Second Glance is what I'm almost finished with now... it's about ghosts and stuff. It's a nice read and I've enjoyed it, but it's not one of her better books. It's like... mind fluff. I'm still interested to see how it all plays out, but... it's cliched and predictable when it's trying very hard to not be. Still worth a read? Sure... if you just want an easy read. Something reasonably entertaining to read pool side or whatever. It's not a terrible book, not at all... just less than I would have expected from her after reading her other stuff. That's all.

Anyway... it's that time. Cheers

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Interesting times at work...

There was a 3 vs 1 inmate to inmate assault on 2nd shift last night. As the nurse was coming out of the quarantine half of max security (our former max security block is now our quarantine block. Prior to that, it had been closed down and all the youthful offenders who would've been on that block are now on the other block in the same unit), just as the door was nearly closed, one of the max security boys (most of whom were in the commons area between the two blocks of the unit) snatched it open and he and two other inmates from max blasted into the quarantine block and began assaulting an inmate there.

Billy was on that unit at the time because Lacey, who was assigned to that unit had to go to booking to process a kid into the facility. Billy was the only secondary working last night, so he had to take over the unit. Billy ran interference as best as he could during the melee, trying to protect the kid that had three other boys trying to beat the piss outta him.

Kent was the staff for max and he was in the commons area with the inmates who dashed into the quarantine area. He saw what was going to happen just as it was happening and he was hot on their heels rushing the block. He was able to restrain one of the inmates to the floor, leaving Billy to fight off the other two to try to protect the assaultee.

The nurse, to her credit, did not leave the area but instead went back onto max and managed to place one of the assaulters into a bear hug and restrain him. Leaving Billy with just one assaulter and the victim.

According to Billy's report the victim turned on him, threatening him, believing Billy was at fault for letting them in and saying that Billy was "with them". Billy's report said the victim was then going to try to assault him, all the while the 3rd aggressor was still trying to get to the victim.

An assistance call went out, but... hey... we don't have any staff. The other units were not able to respond, due to have their inmates out. One has to lock them all down before they can leave their areas. And trust me, when inmates know there is an assist call, they don't rush right to their cells when they're told to do so.

Derrick, who was the only supervisor on board was prepping meals because... we don't have enough staff. Lacey had to get the kid in booking out of the shower, dressed and into a holding cell before she could respond.

So. That's all bad for any number of reasons. Obviously... it was better than it happened when Billy was on the unit and not Lacey. Billy's a fucking idiot and an asshole, but he's also built like brick shit house. (Literally... he's about 5'4"/220 lbs) He's a strong lil bastard... and Lacey is a girl. It was also good that staff on max was also male (not always the case) and was able to respond quickly enough and restrain one of the aggressors.

However... being so short staffed that there is NOBODY to respond to a staff assistance call? That's seriously no bueno... obviously. The agency and the dip shit director have been lucky so far, but one of these days someone's going to get really fucking hurt at that place.

And then...

Later during our shift, Isaiah comes in and tells me that the other agency in our facility has the ability to watch our incident videos (Our supervisors do, our line staff do not... and it's absolutely unacceptable that another agency, under a different governmental umbrella has access to them. Like... da fuq?) and he tells me that the lead over there with those folks and all his staff had repeatedly watched the incident on video. Over and over and over again. (He also told Isaiah that their 2nd shift staff had done the same.)

What he told Isaiah was that Billy... Billy had twice punched the victim in the face. First, when he was coming at him (probably when Billy said he was threatening to assault Billy)... which is... that's a nope. You can't haul off and punch youthful offenders who've not tried to put hands to you. Threats... that's not a reason.

The second time, according to the lead for the other agency, Billy punched the victim in the face again when he was securing him in his cell. The lead said he was walking along with him, his hand on the kid's back and then he just turned toward the kid and punched him the face whilst he was kinda pushing him into his cell.

Uh. Oh.

And then... Isaiah starts talking about Billy getting suspended. I was like... wait, what? Because I didn't know anything about Billy being suspended. Isaiah tells... oh yeah, I think that happened when you were gone (on my extended weekends in July) when that happened. He then tells me that Billy got into the middle of a scuffle between a couple of kids and ended up taking one to the ground. He had the kid in a headlock (a no no all by itself) with one arm and was punching him in the head with the other arm. All caught on tape, of course.

Things could get interesting, eh?

1) I assume that all their staff over at the other agency, just like us, are mandated reporters. In which case, if they have seen it, they are obligated to report it. 2) They are known to be tattletales when it comes to our staff, even other little things. 3) Even if they don't tattle (and they should), the dip shit director is going to see that video today. How on earth does he justify punching the victim in the head... twice???

Me thinks Billy's going to be in hot water. Justifiably so.

There are some times when punching a kid in the face is the proper thing to do... if what they've said and described is true... neither of those times were justified.

If the three kids came in and bum rushed Billy? Yeah... he'd be justified in swinging for the stars at any and all who came at him. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. But... nobody even swung on him... especially not the boy (with the broken arm) that he punched in the head x2.

I guess we'll probably hear a little something, at least, by tonight.

MOTM October 2013
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This is probably the closest thing I've come across so far that's incel-y, as it rags on feminism, but it certainly rags on feminism in ways I haven't thought of before.

Namely, this one: the family court system is unfair towards men (worked in it, can confirm), and this affects Black men disproportionately, as they are more likely to end up on the wrong end of the law in general (reasons why that is are complicated, but I should note here, not all are due to blatant racism--poverty and mental health seem to play big roles too). As a double whammy, once they get in prison, they lose their right to vote, which means they are less able to affect the laws that go into making these systems what they are. So this video poses that when you're talking about the Black vote, you might as well be talking about the Black female vote. I don't know how the numbers play out in actuality, but certainly something to think about,and how it potentially leads to a pile-on effect on Black men in particular.

( This should also be taken into account with how many Black children are born out of wedlock, hence increasing the amount of contact those couples have with the family courts, even before there's a whiff of child abuse or domestic violence involved. )

Anyway, it also mentioned a couple instances of "systemic racism" that you also don't hear about so much: While autism and ADHD seems to be overdiagnosed in white men/boys, it's underdiagnosed in black men/boys, and perhaps this is part of what's behind the high black crime rate--they're acting out as young kids, then being criminalized instead of treated for disorders that, if left untreated, do tend towards impulsive behavior and not being very good with social matters, which both plays roles in who commits crimes and/or is perceived of as being a criminal.

And secondly, a bit of a shocker. One of the first activists who was strongly behind abortion apparently was behind it for the purpose of genocide against Blacks.... And this is (part of) the reason there are more abortion clinics in black neighborhoods now (though it should also be noted there are more abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods, so hard to tell how much of this can be attributed to which factor). However, something I've read in a few places (so I'm not sure if it's just that well backed up or if people are just repeating it) that there are more black babies aborted than born in America nowadays.

Now... I'm somewhere between pro-choice and pro-life, in that I think it should be legal so as to cut through red tape around a procedure that is time sensitive, intrusive (the medical meaning of the word), and expensive, and so potentially difficult to access safely when it's needed...I also believe it shouldn't be encouraged, and birth control (or <gasp> stronger family units) should be stressed instead. I can see why this isn't often talked about, since abortion is another one of those super-inflammatory issues...but if you pose the theory that Black babies are aborted more often due to racist targetting back when abortion clinics were conceived (no pun intended)...why yes, that'd be systemic racism, and a rather scary brand of it given the connections with eugenics and Neo-Nazis it has...and as far as I'm aware, not yet been halted due to that it's not talked about it and not as obviously racist as, say, red-lining or prison sentences.

Anyway, all food for thought, as is the purpose of me digging through this stuff. I think it's too easy to jump to one set of conclusions in what's a very complicated matter; not addressing ALL the pieces will potentially lead to worse outcomes down the road. Also all too easy to take some issues, like I don't know, abortion, and assume it's a left/right issue and that there's no middle road that incorporates both sides of the narrative. They don't always--in fact I'd say almost never--contradict themselves once you get the bigger picture. After all, both sides are operating off of real data and experiences, so there must be truth to both. Unless you're willing to claim half of all human beings are rotten liars and idiots, which...I'm not. Just saying.

Will leave off with this article by and about two of my most favorite Black thinkers I've stumbled on so far: Listen to Thomas Sowell | City Journal

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