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INFJ Success Stories & Tips

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We're on this rock together (even if we feel like we're going it alone, sans compass and map, no less).

Let's hear how you succeed at life...if one story or tip from one person leads to success for another person, or leads to thoughts and methods that work for one or many of us, this thread does its job.

Tips can be articles, links, pointing in the direction of other threads, etc. Me, I just want to hear how you all win.

I was homeless and jobless with a degree 8 months ago, and I'm slowly coming out of it by way of perseverance and elbow grease, but I know that's not enough.


...inspire me.
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I started becoming successful (career-wise) when I cut out all the toxic people in my life and started living my own life. I was the family black sheep at 18 after dropping out of university because I was stuck in a degree I didn't want to do, in a field I had little interest in, all because it was prestigious and would impress my family. Basically, I was too much of a people pleaser and lost my way.

They told me I would never amount to anything and basically disowned me; however, I started a company after teaching myself new skills, and the company had financial success, but it came at a huge cost to me because I worked too hard (18 hour days for 6 years).

I think if we focus hard on our goal and ask ourselves each day "does this thing i'm doing contribute to my goals", along with being discerning about where we invest our energy, we can be successful.

I think we have to find more balance though because this single target focus can be detrimental. My hunger for "success" blindsided me to other things going wrong in my life and it wasn't until I got very sick that I stopped to smell the roses.

Now, I am finding some success in my life in various ways, but it's way more balanced. Slower and more sustainable.
I was born with a hearing loss in both my ears and for a long time I had people telling me that I would not make it because of my disability. People automatically think that if you have a hearing loss or deaf, you are dumb and can't rely on yourself, which is not true. I was also the black sheep so a combination of that really hit my self esteem. But, I never gave up. I am the first one in my family to graduate with a Bachelor's degree. It was hard, especially when I was on my own a lot, but I did it.
I was 95% sure I was going to die 2 years ago from pancreatitis and overall failing health. Now I am totally sober and have a job that pays the bills. Lesson: uhh .. Umm... It's hard to kill a human? Na the lesson is to follow your heart. Let it lead.
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...sometimes...sometimes, Cracked is spot on.

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person |
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