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I think I found some good videos that show some differences between the types. I think each type has a vibe/flavor to them, that you have to study them to pick up on.

INFJ first. Watch a few minutes of this woman. She is totally crazy. Moves a mile a minute. She uses her hands exactly like me, and we have the same energy and vibe.

An ENFJ is basically a more measured/sedated INFJ imo. INFJ is moving at a faster pace, and more focused.

I think Ani DiFranco is an ENFJ:

And then you got the ENFP, who is totally spaced out. I said that Ne users can be appear to be stoned out of their mind when dead sober. Ne is apparent to me as lack of focus. Compare her eyes to Ani DiFranco's in the 1st clip. DiFranco's eyes starting at 0:35. She is pushing her eyes with intensity on you.



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