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Years ago, I was an INFP, I think (I lived in the imagination, thinking how things should be, not like talking about my dreams that was despised, and it made me get away from people). I've thought if I was an INTP (I love being alone studying). Today, however, guarantee that a INFJ (Ni, Fe, Ti, Se) at least most of the time. (I have been 2 tests) Every time I think the odds, sacrifice me for whom I have great affection or see who needs help and I really like logical activities and organize ideas and see how things are structured. But sometimes I find myself with:
Si: I fell in love several times and never forget these passions. Every day I remember the good old days, and why they were not saying anything, because it makes no sense in my mind. I can not forget them and I wonder if one day we will vote. I think a thousand things may have happened. I'm willing to forgive them.
Te: When I do something, I expect some results. I might even be boring for someone doing a thousand things, but I'll only stop when she show any reaction.
Fi: With my parents and people who think "boring" I'm not as nice as with my friends. Last year someone said the things I like are silly and I was angry with her my feelings and to despise the things I like (Fe?). Sometimes I think if I am INTJ.
What do you think? Are they the shadow functions in a INFJ on stress, something "natural"?
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