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I'm just wondering if there are any other INFJ's suffering from any sort or multiple of the various mental illnesses out there? I'm INFJ 2w1.
A little background information on myself...
I started self harming at 13 and experienced textbooks symptoms of major depression up until about 15 years old, when I was than sent to a psychiatrist and diagnosed with major depression. I juggled with Effexor, Prozac, cognitive behavioural therapy and 6 social workers. As I went through my teen years, I grew very irritated of switching meds and have nothing really work for me. I felt as though I couldn't truly be honest with my therapist, as I have some serious trust issues (Still do?). Things got very difficult and I attempted suicide. Clearly I didn't succeed, seeing as I'm writing this ;) After years of rollercoaster-like mood swings, unregulated emotions, self harm, anxiety and just plain chaos, this past August I decided to visit a different psychiatrist to get a more current evaluation. The end result was a new diagnosis of bi polar 2 disorder with a borderline personality and OCD. I've tried all kinds of different cocktails; seroquel, epival, lithium, cipralex, clonazapan.... Since the diagnosis I've done a lot of research around mental illnesses, psychology, personalities specifically...
I see my introversion when I'm depressed and isolate myself. I see parts of my intuitive side with racing thoughts and my detachment from reality when experiencing mania. My feelings are prominent and my emotional dysregulation plays a major role with my borderline diagnosis and lastly being a J .... OCD... need I say more?

Wondering if anybody wants to share their stories and self discoveries, questions, comments etc
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