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INFJs and guilt

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Title speaks for itself. I just rid myself of guilt tonight. I was reminded of how I felt as a child. So relieving. Calming. Grounding. I think Fi in the position it is makes us very accumulative of guilt. Just a thought.
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The one guy who kept calling me an INFP I ended up getting him to admit he was an INFP lol.
I wasn't serious. I was baiting you into something, and mods locked topic prior to my final post.
Like I said, I was baiting you, and mods locked the thread, because they knew where it was going.
Both Bukalov and Gulenko state that, empirically, Judging correlates with Rationality.
Sorry, @Freeflowingthoughts...
You stated directly that you typed via functions, and that doing so was the opposite of your results per MBTI test. This is what I was baiting. Your type via MBTI tests, by definition, is your MBTI type. You previously admitted that your MBTI test result was INFP, so, by definition, your are an INFP in MBTI. I even started using socionics Fe, and little happy faces, to get you to lower your guard...
gulenko said:
The first factor is extroversion, which correlates to socionics extroversion. It is the first noticeable, "on the surface" trait. The second factor is openness, which is when a person is open to new things, which correlates to socionics intuition. The third factor is conscientiousness, which relates to socionics rationality. The fourth factor is agreeableness, which means that you will agree with society's standards, which correlates with socionics ethics, especially ethics of relationships, which is introverted feeling. said:
These correlations refer to the second letter shown, i.e. the table shows that I and P have negative correlation to extraversion and conscientiousness respectively (so conscientiousness correlates with J), while F and N have positive correlation to agreeableness and openness respectively.
Listen dude. I'm not doing this with you. Stop commenting on my threads. We've well and truly shut the book on this matter. Goodbye
No, we didn't. The thread was locked. YOU brought me up.
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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