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INFJ's and Self Appearance

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Can INFJ's be the type that enjoys looking in the mirror or is this more the trait of another type? Or is this irrelevant to what type you are? I'm just asking because as an INFJ myself I like to look in the mirror and I do have an interest in what I look like. I can muse over a mirror for minutes at a time looking at my face. For me, I think that this interest comes from my interest in art and aesthetics. I like things that look nice and I seek them out in everyday life. From nature to humans I notice the beauty and actively seek it out. I like to appreciate art, both on a wall and also on a catwalk. I like to look at beautiful things, including people and because of this search for beauty I turn inwards. I'm not saying I'm drop dead gorgeous but I would say I am decent looking or pleasant looking.

When I look in a mirror I analyse myself and try to pick out faults. I think the main reason I do this though is because I have had some skin trouble including acne. I like my facial features and I wouldn't change them, but I would like my skin to be better.
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I grew up with some pretty heavy self esteem issues. It didn't help that my peers were quite ruthless in their abuse hurled towards me. It was really the only way they could attack me as many simply misunderstood my personality and manner. This was further compounded by my lack of awareness when it came to certain social cues or etiquette. I was polite but quiet and to myself.

I have lost and gained weight in drastic directions at least twice. Puberty wasn't kind. While I don't consider myself to be particularly attractive I still try and maintain my physical self to be "presentable" to the outside world.

So the usual maintenance and upkeep is maintained consistently especially with facial hair. I also have beyond shoulder length hair which demands attention for at least 10 minutes a day.

I highly doubt concern for appearance is type based or even enneagram. It would depend on an individual level.
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