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So, I went out to a club with a couple of friends, yesterday and I had a great time meeting with new people and the way they communicate; they all have an angle, and for the most part, it can be a simple angle, but my INFJ powers worked!! Painfully to my success might I add, but sometimes that intuition can really hurt.

Being around so many people and picking up so many impressions is feels like when people talk to me my mind AUTO-DETECTS a hidden barb that they shoot at me and I can 'feel' the barb, or jab...those 'ouch' comments I can feel...the subtleties....I can's amazing; it's like the truth is being spoken right before my eyes with no pretense, or facade...well, that's also thanks to ALOT of liquor. especially at something is tugging at me. It was pretty awesome, but all I really was, was MYSELF. I just let it come out. I was introverted, but I had fun, I smiled, I laughed, but I was myself...I was getting A LOT more attention than usual. Alot of people think I'm this sad, quiet, unconfident kinda person, but that's not true; I'm actually VERY confident, and don't really rely on people's opinions much...I'm happy with my perception with myself since it's the most accurate, and all.

I've decided to have fun with them now; I don't mean any harm, but I may as well get something out of it for all my trouble right? Even if it's a legally decent conversation. I won't just stand there anymore, why NOT blow someone's mind? Why not share what you know? Why not just have FUN?

Well any introverts who like stepping out and do well in the club scene? or am I a solo artist on this track?
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