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Just curious, I see most of (Western) Astrology as obvious delusion, yet I've also always sensed a very real yearly pattern embedded in it.
It's the sun sign descriptions. If you are born in this and that sign, you will have a higher probability of having certain traits.
It seems to work way above random chance and helped me understand certain things about people in my life that I couldn't have figured out any other way (and these things were then confirmed by them).

After a lot of research into this, I've come to believe that it's the effect the (four) seasons had on our development in the months prior birth, and shortly after it.
Then this seasonal effect is basically hard-wired into us for life. So it seems to work on a deeper/more basic level than MBTI, and combining the two gives the best results.

People born on cusps are sort of the mixture of the two sign's descriptions, it's more useful to look at the people born in the middle of signs (the division into 12 is a completely arbitrary one).

Or I'm simply very crazy, that's also a possibility, and I don't mind being proven wrong. :)
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