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Its quite possible that you score quite highly on both and show both characteristics.

Although, the 5w4 identification seemed to be more weighted. This is what tipped me:

But, I wouldn't say I look to fit into social groups. If anything I'll create my own group from my oddball crew of friends, but I'd rather just be confident in my own being, and if anyone appreciates that, we can be ourselves together.
The thought of creating my own group is met with recoil. The thought of that much attention is way too much heat on my tail. I prefer to be unseen, yet have influence inside a group. My mind is inside the group yet physically outside watching it. There's always, however faint, a subject / object relationship. 5w4 seem to be more iconoclastic, using artistic expression to overthrow traditions or challenge popular ideas. More rebellious, while w6 can follow authority quite blindingly at times.

5w4-The beauty of an idea itself.
5w6-The beauty is in the stability of the idea itself.

This seems to distinguish these two variations nicely.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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