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INFP: an ambulant polygraph?

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Hi guys,

There is something I cannot understand very well. Here is the thing: Fi helps us know when someone is being fake and Ne helps us interpret hidden meanings and what a behaviour really means. So technically speaking we are ambulant lie detectors lol

But, how come I find myself trusting people who eventually turn out to be not as good as I thought. I feel really stupid when this happens to me and makes me be very wary about others and withdraw because of this.

Do you think is because I haven't got my functions well developed or is just that INFP are naive sometimes?

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well i always get this thought about certain people, i automatically don't like them for whatever i think the reason is. then i'll feel guilty like i didn't give them a fair chance, so i throw away my previous ideas/ distrust, then after that they do something that hurts me, just like i predicted from the very start. if this makes sense
I think it's because it's the INFP nature to try to see the good in people.. I know I can sometimes be naive and trust people even though I have a gut feeling not to.
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Sometimes I WANT to trust people who aren't trustworthy. Especially if it's someone I really love. In my love, I would never, ever violate someone's trust. (Even people I don't specially love can trust me.) I think trusting someone is part of showing them you love them deeply. And some people aren't worthy of trust. Even if I want to love them.
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I'm pretty accepting of people across the board, but I can usually get vibes about people instantly or at least within the first few seconds of meeting them. I have no idea why I can do that but I genuinely can.

Occasionally someone is incredibly nice with me but I take an instant dislike to them. At first I always felt guilty about it but I've learned to trust my gut instincts.

It isn't just with people either, I get vibes about things in general - e.g. I once had an incredibly overpowering sense of impending doom when I was getting my motorbike out of the garage. I ignored it and rode to the shops to get some cash out of a machine. I then decided to go to KFC for lunch and as I thought that, my stomach did a bloody back-flip and I felt awful. Again, I ignored the feeling.

Fast forward 3 to 5 minutes and I'm sliding down the road on my arse thinking "You absolute pillock".


[EDIT] ugh, my posts are becoming more and more incoherent, sorry! I'd best get to bed soon :p
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its probably a lot to do with idealism
With me I get gut feelings about a person and their actions right away, but the thing is I never act on those feelings I just store them inside myself. So really, their never put to use because I never let anyone in on them, and if I do it's usually just a sprinkle of it.
Intuition. It's good.
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