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So I've always scored as an INFP (except for occasionally getting ENFP since I REALLY like people), but recently that T has been sneaking in. I'm not an INTP in the least and my most recent test labeled me an ENTP, bordering on an INFP. I'm always about 48%/52% on extroverted/introverted so I wasn't incredibly surprised, but the two personalities are pretty different.

I've realized that the ENTP personality is how I survive at work and in situations where I have to be around people and get stuff done, and the INFP is who I am at my core and with the people who really love me. I've been through a lot in the last couple of years that has rocked my value-based, idealistic world, and I tend to hide in the more impulsive ENTP role.

My question is whether this makes sense from what everyone else knows about personality and whether anyone else experiences this kind of duality. I'm not much for astrology, but it makes me giggle that I'm a Gemini with two shifting personalities. Geminis by the way have traits of both which I also find interesting though my interest in astrology stops there.

Any thoughts?

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