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Right now in my life, I value finding work over relationships. Yes, i'd be nice to meet someone, but that is not my main priority right now. I am not trying to find an ideal career, just one that is low stress and I can be content with. I think these next few years of my life, a needed amount of idealism will be beaten out of me and I will probably return back to school for something. I have thought about going back school for counseling, hairstylist, graphic design, teaching, psychologist, computer science, phd to teach college, but in reality, I think all of these careers would get repetitive and unfulfilling after a short time, and expensive. To be honest, I like helping people, but don't feel a call towards it, and I already put enough emotional stress on myself as it is, so putting others stress on me too probably wouldn't be the best.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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