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INFP focus on the wrong 8 hours

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For many INFPs after the diplomas, a day can be generally broken in to 3 groups of 8 hours: the work 8 hours, the sleep 8 hours and the flexible 8 hours.

The other thing about INFPs is that we have an idealized version of how we want our life to be and the kind of person we want to be. Also, it seems that INFPs generally value relationships, their art, etc. more than they value work.

So here's what I don't get? Why does it seem that INFPs focus on, complain about WORK. There are threads about not wanting some McJob, threads about the right college career, threads about the ideal job where INFPs would be valued. It seems INFPs are preoccupied about making the work 8 hours ideal when all the things we value fall into the flexible 8 hours.

Why aren't INFPs talking about how to make the flexible 8 hours ideal? We value relationships and some are having difficulty finding that significant other. However, I don't read about any INFPs doing a single hour of reading into what makes relationships work. It's seems like trial and error.

INFPs spend a ton of money and energy for a degree that may or may not make them happy. If something is important, shouldn't trial and error be the last thing we do. If relationships are more important than work, shouldn't we be paying someone to give us a degree in how to have meaningful relationships and use trial and error to find the right work?

What about the other stuff besides relationships that are more important to many INFPs other than work? If the flexible 8 hours are more important than the work 8 hours, shouldn't INFPs try to concentrate on learning how to make those flexible 8 hours as ideal as possible first instead of focusing on how to make the work 8 hours ideal?
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I have tried to make my flexible eight hours better spent or more ideal as I came to the conclusion at work that I probably don't care or have the ability to make that particular job ideal. I try and plan things for my evening whilst grinding the monotony at work, what I will write here, what I will search on Google to try and find a life true to me etc. yet when I get here to the computer very little actually gets done. I've allowed myself very generous amounts of free time these past few years by keeping outgoings and social commitments small but having large amounts of time and few financial burdens hasn't stopped me procrastinating or being lazy. I lament how I was planning the same thing literally a year previously but still can't bring myself to make my flexible eight hours ideal and to carry them out as such. I can blame procrastination/tiredness/boredom etc. but I only have myself to blame.
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