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INFP for Life!

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Hello Everyone! i am so excitied. im 22years old and happy i recently discovered that i am INFP. Ive always had this feeling that there was something different about me. The way i think, speak and act has always been different then most of the people i know. for the longest time i wondered whats wrong with me?! now i fee free, knowing that there are people out there, who are like me and i feel so blessed to know how unique and amazing i am. Realizing the beauty in my personality has given me a new found of freedom and possibilities and im excitied to share my thoughts and ideas with you all!! Thanks to everyone who have been posting things on personalitycafe, ive decided to join because of the strong connections i have with everyone here!!!
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:happy: Thanks everyone!! now i just got to learn how to use this thing with out getting distracted or feeling hopeless hahah
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