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(INFP fun dating thread) Get paired up as flings/dates/couples, take each other out

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Get paired up and take each other to places in our imaginary INFP world

I want to take someone out but insecure, doubtful me is not sure who :sad:

Oh well, if there's no one, I'm still going to that place alone. It's an amusement park that has great fountains singing the most romantic but catchy music and extreme rides that bring out the most romantic in you.:laughing:
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I wish some guy would take me out to Olive Garden... Oh well. :dry:
Now I want to go to Olive Garden. If you find someone, have them take me too? :laughing:
LMAO, we should go all three together and pretend the dude is some street-smart pimp with enough money to buy us lots of breadsticks. :crazy:
It's an awkward date!
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This thread is fun and i could use some olive garden breadstick party action. We might want to get an extrovert to tag along to make sure conversation continues to flow... or it could be a super awkward bunch stuffing our faces with breadsticks and looking at our cell phones to make it look like the awkward silence dosent bother us.
I'm such a good fake texter, it's disgusting.
But, though I'm shy... I break awkward silences by saying or doing something awkward. Don't worry.
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