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infp GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

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    Votes: 38 18.6%
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    Votes: 166 81.4%

INFP GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

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Seeing as how infp guys seem to have a lot of trouble finding a girlfriend because of a number of things, i am curious to find some loose (i stress, LOOSE) data that would support/disregard this theory.

infp girls seem too adorable and sought after by other types (even other infps) so i would like the females to not vote and if curious to see the results, select *VIEW POLL RESULTS* or something to that nature.

Also, if you are gender indifferent, if u dont have a penis dont vote.
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Mostly because of me and the fact that I am deliberately not looking for anybody. I turn town a number of people of the opposite sex that were interested in me a fear years ago. You can say idealism, but its really realism. If I where to theoretically be in a relationship, its with the intent of finding life time companionship, I don't treat dating as a casual social activity as check in and check out like many people I notice do. It has to work up into a genuine friendship of caring into beyond that. Yeah I sound old fashion when it comes to that, but that is how far I will take it if I had to find someone right now.

The real reasons why I'm single.

1. I can't handle the strong emotions of physical and mental attraction to the opposite sex when my instincts/subconsciousness go off wanting to find love. Its very overwhelming to the point were it makes me feel mentality overwhelmed. It gets worse as I get older. That is why I can cope with this by handling romance in the stories I write. It works out very well.

2. My personality. If you got to know me, you would think I am a bit selfish depending on how materialistic and demanding one can be, but I just don't like to compromise. I don't like to go out, and if I do, it can be a quiet place, or just a walk. It does not have to be anywhere fancy. Can we just talk?

3. If I need to play the lotto (1 out of 100 chance) to find the right person, then forget it. I'm too undedicated and lazy, and everything else above me that I wrote. I honestly don't think it would make my life any better and I have things to lose, and little to gain out of it. That is how it works for me.

So that is why.
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