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infp GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

  • yes

    Votes: 38 18.6%
  • no

    Votes: 166 81.4%

INFP GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

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Seeing as how infp guys seem to have a lot of trouble finding a girlfriend because of a number of things, i am curious to find some loose (i stress, LOOSE) data that would support/disregard this theory.

infp girls seem too adorable and sought after by other types (even other infps) so i would like the females to not vote and if curious to see the results, select *VIEW POLL RESULTS* or something to that nature.

Also, if you are gender indifferent, if u dont have a penis dont vote.
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I'm available for all you INFP guys out there ;)
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haha hold your horses dude! she said she would call me back about where to meet, since she's new to the area. but i guess the waiting game begins.... :mellow:
I'm so happy for you, that's a good sign!!!! :)
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That statement is like jumping into shark infested waters with a bucket of blood.:crazy:
Or equivalent to a woman stating she loves video games and sports = Instantaneous dream girl
to 90% of the male population. haha
I've started to notice the consequences of my decision!!!
I wouldn't take it back though *smiles*

Hey, I watch sports on TV, does that count? :p
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