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infp GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

  • yes

    Votes: 38 18.6%
  • no

    Votes: 166 81.4%

INFP GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

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Seeing as how infp guys seem to have a lot of trouble finding a girlfriend because of a number of things, i am curious to find some loose (i stress, LOOSE) data that would support/disregard this theory.

infp girls seem too adorable and sought after by other types (even other infps) so i would like the females to not vote and if curious to see the results, select *VIEW POLL RESULTS* or something to that nature.

Also, if you are gender indifferent, if u dont have a penis dont vote.
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I think it's that few people are deserving of interest by INFPs, and sometimes the INFPs fail at first impressions. Depressing results, for sure.
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Single forever and every birthday marks my faillure to find a someone... gosh, such a depressing day, how can people ever celebrate it?! But I'm optimistic.

1. This poll might seem a bit depressing, but it also doesn't tell us that much. We cannot base our views of the world on 40ish votes. And we have to keep in mind that we are specific INFPs. For example: the ones that know they are INFPs. Most of us also probably use the internet quite a lot. It could be that this last thing has a big influence on this poll. Who knows if the other types on this website would have similar results if they had a poll about this. Or if not similar then at least different than what is the reality for the majority of their group. Example: 50% of the ESTJs here that say they have a relationship can be different from 90% in the real world (note: completely made up numbers). We shouldn't generalize or draw conclusions from these kind of polls too easily.

Also, think about who views this thread. If you had a relationship and you were really short on time, would you look at this thread? Maybe not. Maybe you would look at the thread about energetic interaction with others. If you look at the 'Who does x also?'-threads, you'll see that almost never there are people posting that they do not do x. From those threads you can't deduce that doing x is normal. If I'd make a thread about picking your nose, I might get 5% of the people here that confess that they do pick. If as is so often the case the others don't reply to that thread, it'll seem that picking your nose is very normal and absolutely nnot gross.

So, to make two paragraphs short, we should not get discouraged or depressed by the poll in this thread, because it could be a misrepresentation! And I know how it feels to see the number of single INFPs here and I feel the same and it does hurt a bit and it does make you think about all the things you think you're doing wrong, but we just neeeeed to watch out that we won't start to think that we can't get someone 'just because we're INFPs'. Cause that is just wrong and something not worth believing in and it's diverting our attention from problems that we CAN fix (like for me just being too invisible all the time). Being an INFP is a blessing and something to be happy about! Don't start making self-fullfilling prophecies!

2. The results of the girls-poll are the same. To me that's just astonishing. I thought they would be incredibly sought after. What's there not to like about INFP girls??? (seriously?!) But even they struggle. So probably we have some common difficulties. And I pretty much think that this destroys our argument that we as INFP males have it so much harder than they do on the basis that we are supposed to be the ones that have to act first, while they could potentially just sit and wait.
Of course it's misleading. INFPs with families normally aren't going to spend as much time online.

But it's not completely misleading. Surveys say that many adults are not in relationships and not actively looking. Well, here we are. Not physically mingling with new people, not using online dating sites, not making a good first impression = fail. Getting off the Internet, except for online dating, would be a good step.
Elephant in the room:
Would some of you like a discussion (poll) about to the extent, if any, you blame INFP women? Presuming many of you have been looking for women who are INFP-like.
Not a single baby boomer for me to flirt with. And I don't know how young or old the Gen X guys are. I don't do the couger thing. So no one for me to flirt with. :crying::crying::crying:
Blue Butterfly really puts herself out there with the profile that members can't view =/

Before I logged on, I was thinking about INFP women. One of the ideas that crossed my mind and feels right is that the single ones over 35 or so probably on average have little interest in dating. There don't seem to be many people on this website over the age of 30, but when I've come across older INFP women online who seemingly are single, they rarely talk about dating.
im still baffled that less than 20% of guys here are in a relationship..
It's not baffling at all. INFP guys don't make a good impression in general, and the single women who should be willing to overlook that (hint, they're probably reading this) don't or are uninterested in relationships period.
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