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infp GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

  • yes

    Votes: 38 18.6%
  • no

    Votes: 166 81.4%

INFP GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

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Seeing as how infp guys seem to have a lot of trouble finding a girlfriend because of a number of things, i am curious to find some loose (i stress, LOOSE) data that would support/disregard this theory.

infp girls seem too adorable and sought after by other types (even other infps) so i would like the females to not vote and if curious to see the results, select *VIEW POLL RESULTS* or something to that nature.

Also, if you are gender indifferent, if u dont have a penis dont vote.
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nooo results are flawed!! haha
i've been single for about a year and a half. 4-5 terrible dates in a row has discouraged me to say the least..
so far that's 20/20 that are single, the two ppl that selected yes did so by accident.

watttt the hell.
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ef our lives..
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Alright Still, you and me. Errr.. not in that way,

We're going girl hunting in downtown Vancouver.
woah woah im from vancouver lol. that's a crazy coincidence :shocked:

sooo fabric? LOL
Haha, right on.

I don't know man, club girls are never really worth it from my experience. Plus, I heard Fabric has a bad rep.
It was alright when i use to go but i think it's gone to shit too. Gossip and boss are still pretty popular, but the girls there will be around 19-20 lol...and your right, the chicks are usually at best a one night stand. could be worse though lol
84%, could be worse :shocked:
im still baffled that less than 20% of guys here are in a relationship..
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I've been single for about two years now.
goin on 2.5 years for me.
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FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
someone had to say it.
yea Im single now. Couldn't hack it with an ESTJ.

@Acey I think I am just adding to the woeful statistics...but its a large enough sample now to conclude this is going in only one direction.
the stats seriously blow my mind.. it's almost wishful thinking to believe that we will all find that special someone (and to INFP's this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! yet we have the lowest batting average?).

i'm pretty choked..

ps. good job escaping the ESTJ. I wouldnt be able to hack it either.
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