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infp GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

  • yes

    Votes: 38 18.6%
  • no

    Votes: 166 81.4%

INFP GUYS: Are you in a relationship or single?

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Seeing as how infp guys seem to have a lot of trouble finding a girlfriend because of a number of things, i am curious to find some loose (i stress, LOOSE) data that would support/disregard this theory.

infp girls seem too adorable and sought after by other types (even other infps) so i would like the females to not vote and if curious to see the results, select *VIEW POLL RESULTS* or something to that nature.

Also, if you are gender indifferent, if u dont have a penis dont vote.
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Mostly because of me and the fact that I am deliberately not looking for anybody. I turn town a number of people of the opposite sex that were interested in me a fear years ago. You can say idealism, but its really realism. If I where to theoretically be in a relationship, its with the intent of finding life time companionship, I don't treat dating as a casual social activity as check in and check out like many people I notice do. It has to work up into a genuine friendship of caring into beyond that. Yeah I sound old fashion when it comes to that, but that is how far I will take it if I had to find someone right now.
I was going to say something just like this, but I'm not feeling very expressive tonight.

I've never turned anyone down, though. Never had the chance to.
It's funny most of us are single. I've often felt like I deserve to be in a relationship more than others do. I know, it's bad to think that. It's just, I feel like I was meant for it. It's really all I want in life. That's probably one of the many reasons I am single. Women are always talking about wanting a man who is ambitious, but they don't want a man whose ambition is to just find a nice girl and live an easy, laid back life together, with a kid or two. (Not that I am being ambitious about that.) Of course, it's important to have a job and all, but I could care less about having a career.
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A funny pattern I'm seeing between this thread and the girl version one. Most INFP girls seems to be single because they choose to be, whereas most of us are single because we can't help it. I'm gonna go ahead and blame girls for the reason why us guys are single.:laughing:
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