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INFP in a predominately Se job

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Without going into specifics, I've been offered a job that is physically demanding. This position attracts almost entirely ISTPs and ESTPs, with a few ISTJs and maybe a couple of ISFPs and INTJs thrown in.

You might be asking why I even applied for such a job. Firstly, the pay is unbelievably good. I would be earning at least 50% more than I do now. I would also be physically active, which would be good for my health and it would be relatively low stress, which would be good for my mind. This would be a huge improvement from my current sedentary, high stress, low paying job.

The downside? I'm concerned about the social aspect of not having many NFs around like in my current position. The fact that my conversations are mostly going to be about sports, machines and gossip really scares me. I know it sounds like I'm stereotyping, but unfortunately I'm not because I already interact with people these people daily (it would be a different position at the same workplace). Most of them are not big picture intellectuals. They're predominately male, here and now, mechanically-minded types. Many are very bright, we just think very differently.

I'm torn between following this path and aiming for something that is more in line with my ideals. The problem with taking the idealistic route is the low pay and high stress. Quite frankly, I'm done with that and it's unlikely I'll ever get to achieve what I'd like to do anyway. At the very least I could have this job and volunteer or do whatever else as a hobby.

Can anyone relate or does anyone have any advice?
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The socializing is a big thing for me because I'm quite involved there. I met my boyfriend, my best friend and several other good friends there. This is the first time in my life where I've had a nice little group where I've felt comfortable and can be myself. There's nothing to say I can't still see them, but they just won't be as accessible and that's a huge downside. Especially since I have horrendous social anxiety and I couldn't imagine joining a club.

There's also the whole part where I'm not passionate about the job. On one hand it makes it harder to like what I'll be doing, but on the other hand the quality of life will be so much better.

I think you are both right in that I've made up my mind. I guess I just needed to talk it through and convince myself that I've made the right choice. The lingering doubts are very typical of me. Sometimes I just need that extra push to help me make decisions.
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