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I don't think is good to base your decision on MB types because unfortunately it's impossible to find a perfect job where you will fit entirely because most jobs are for STJ and NTJ people. The social aspect is always going to be an issue for all introverts in every type of environment, and you should not be intimidated by this. There is always something to talk about, even about the most insignificant things, you also have the right to be alone. You don't have to be with your coworkers all the time and they should respect this.

I am an INFP working in a job that is dominated by STJ types. It involves a lot of detail, troubleshooting and routine. My coworkers are ISTJ and ESFJ (she can be dominating and rigid like an ESTJ). My personality may be very different from them but I still do my job responsibly.

Basically what I am trying to say is that your MB type should not stop you from getting a job you like.
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