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INFP in Awesome relationships.. Tell me your secrets!

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:crazy:Hello! :D So I'm 20 now and have never been on a date. I... I actually haven't even had my first kiss yet.:unsure: This is a problem because i'm a huge hopeless romantic. I want very badly to be in a relationship but I can't even begin to fathom how to do so. I'm really bad at both flirting and understanding when someone is attempting to flirt with me. I also tend to shy away from those i'm super attracted to and when I do engage in conversation i'm often very flustered and act like a weirdo. :frustrating: In short i'm painfully awkward. So my question to you, my fellow INFP's, is how do you go about relationships? If you have ever been in a situation similar to mine or even just have some good tips i'd love to here them! Thanks for your time! :happy:
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You remind me of 20 year old me. Focus on getting out of that shell first :), actually that's not the right advice. Forcing yourself out of that shell is pretty hard. Peek out of the shell at first, then stick your head out, then leave for a second then dive back into the shell. Find a friend who's willing to drag you to a stressful situation. In my case it was black metal concerts. It was terrifying, but I survived, and that fact alone made me realize there was less to be terrified about.

As for dating: you'll realize that everybody's actually really awkward, which means you don't have to feel awkward, about your awkwardness. You're going to do/say silly stuff just because you have no background knowledge of dating, we all do, it's okay :).
Don't be somebody you aren't. Realize you'll have needs with a relationship once one get started, don't just be a giver. Learn to confront issues, don't be passive-aggressive (if you have a history of that). Don't date somebody because they share the most interests with you, date somebody because they make you happy (oh dear, now I sound like a hallmark card). Interests help, but it's not a be-all end-all.
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