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INFP in Awesome relationships.. Tell me your secrets!

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:crazy:Hello! :D So I'm 20 now and have never been on a date. I... I actually haven't even had my first kiss yet.:unsure: This is a problem because i'm a huge hopeless romantic. I want very badly to be in a relationship but I can't even begin to fathom how to do so. I'm really bad at both flirting and understanding when someone is attempting to flirt with me. I also tend to shy away from those i'm super attracted to and when I do engage in conversation i'm often very flustered and act like a weirdo. :frustrating: In short i'm painfully awkward. So my question to you, my fellow INFP's, is how do you go about relationships? If you have ever been in a situation similar to mine or even just have some good tips i'd love to here them! Thanks for your time! :happy:
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I was going to reply comprehensively, but I really think @%1; summed it up very nicely indeed :)
So I think I'm just going to make little points, pretty much repeating most things I suppose!

- be confident
- be yourself
- spend time learning about who you are and loving that person
- join groups and societies of like-minded people e.g. like writing? Join a creative writing group :) you'll meet like-minded people AND enjoy yourself.
- be open to friendships and relationships equally. My current relationship stemmed from friendship. I really wanted to go out with this guy from the get-go pretty much, but I loved just becoming his friend. I think that once you can let the idea of a relationship go and just enjoy being around someone while still being comfortable single, things just naturally unfold.

- a heck of a lot of people you wouldn't consider "awkward" think of themselves as "awkward" too. They're probably thinking about this a lot more than they are thinking that you're "awkward". So don't worry about it! Plus, a lot of people think lots of awkwardness is cute and attractive.

- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just as you might think some guy is the hottest thing in town and your friends might think you're crazy, some guy is probably looking at you thinking (or will undoubtedly think in the future) that you're absolutely the most perfect person they could ever imagine, even if you might not see where they're coming from. So believe you are a beautiful person, and a lot of the time, this confidence and self-esteem can be the most radiant and beautiful thing in the world :)

- Kissing people outside of a relationship was and is really weird for me. Only once, ever, at 19, and it was the most analytically crazy experience ever. Overrated.

- Relationships should be measured in quality over quantity. You might get to 28 and never have kissed someone, and then meet the love of your life. Many people, including those who kiss all kinds of everyone from 13 or so, never have the experience of this kind of love, and many experience it at 13 as well as 50 for the first time in their lives. Society and the media pressurises this idea of multiple partners and the "dating age bracket" but you can have just as much fun alone and with friends if you decide to just wait and pursue a quality relationship. Likewise, if you kiss a LOT of frogs before meeting a prince, you might have a lot of fun too :)

Just don't be afraid. If you're confident in yourself and open to accepting all good and bad things as experience, whatever you do (and you should do something, sitting in a situation you're unhappy with is the worst feeling ever) will be positive :)

(This turned out to be pretty comprehensive... Sorry, I tend to rant!)

All my love x
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