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The most I have scored is INFP. I've brought this to a few people's attention and they always try and guess my type, and then tell me I'm isfp or infp.

I've come to the conclusion that just because I seem different to other infps, doesn't make me an isfp.
I believe the percentages are a big factor in this. Also, people grow up in different environments or have mental disorders. I'm different than any INFP out there, and they are different as well.


I think I'm an INFP and have known this for quite some time. I've only been taught a few things from my ISFP dad about carpentry, and my ESXJ mother is a nazi so I was also taught how to be organized or I would get my ass beat as a kid. I still have habits of organizing a few things and feeling happy about it. It's due to lack in other areas most of the time.

Reality to me is limited, I think it could expand a bit more but that idea scares me.
Why? Because my day dreams don't need to be shared with other people.
Especially to those who can't understand them. I've had a few people call me an S, and I always brush it off because they're usually pissed off at me, or just trying to hurt me.

They assume it hurts because I might think S is terrible by the way I talk. (Which isn't what I think of most of them) For example:

Whenever someone sees my posts about how I hate certain S types, I just throw in their type so everyone knows more about them. I try to be as descriptive as I possibly can. When it comes to talking about my day dreams or how I feel inside, they look at me like cattle, like a dumb cow or change the subject to immature sexual jokes or their eyes glaze over when I talk about my stories. They always seem ADHD and I usually end up talking to myself. This is how I know the distinctions between my type and an S type. I'm not saying their type is horrid and unbearable or bad. I just prefer it if they either stay the fuck away from me, or I just never get deep with them.

The point of my post is that I've come to the conclusion that I'm an N. An INFP and I'm happy about this.

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Well, I'm glad you have come to the conclusion! If you believe you are INFP, then you are INFP. Who cares what others are saying? Sure, the input is good when you're trying to determine your type and whatnot, but only you (and maybe the people closest to you) know who you truly are.

And you're right... Not every INFP is going to be exactly the same, just like not every ISFP, ISTJ, INTP, etc., is going to be the same. We're not 1-in-16 here. Every person is unique and their own person, regardless of whether or not they share the same MBTI type. Heck, my brother is an ISTP enneagram type 3, and I recently met an ISTP enneagram 3 from this forum. Two ISTP/3's, both males, so you'd think that they'd behave pretty much the same way, yes? Not at all! I would rather not get into their differences, but they definitely did not act the same way. They pretty much thought the same way, but their actions were different, and I believe this is for reasons you've already stated: environment, personality disorders, etc. My brother was raised in a shitty environment, and he has bipolar disorder, ADHD, and possibly antisocial personality disorder; however, the ISTP I met from this forum, well I'm pretty sure he has nothing at all wrong with him. So from the outside, the two of them probably seem like complete opposites when it comes to their 'type', but they are the same - just in different ways.

But yeah, I understand where you're coming from. There are actually a few people on here who want to believe that I am an N - an INFx, to be exact. Why? I think this mostly has to do with the fact that I like to write, I can show some depth in my writing, etc. Yeah. While the input is nice and all, I'm pretty sure that I am an S, not an N. I won't completely rule N out, I'm open for change, but it's not very likely. Personally, I kind of prefer the enneagram system myself - it seems more likely to point out both the positive and negative traits of a person, and people are more likely to "find" more of themselves within the enneagram system, as opposed to the MBTI system. But that's just my opinion.

Sorry to make this post all about me and stuff. But since you didn't exactly need help determining your type, I just wanted to point out that I can relate and whatnot. By the way, not all of us S's are that bad! :tongue:
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