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Any help would be really appreciated. I'm having trouble finding out my personality type. Is it INFP, INFJ, INTP? I feel like I can relate to each but what category would you guys put me in?
I'm really confused. My results are always changing.

I pretty much am a dreamer and I also over think things a lot. My interests are fashion, art, and music. I usually lack inspiration so I don't get to finishing things. I'm overwhelmed with everything I could be able to do that I just don't do anything?(if that made any sense at all) I'm better at starting things. I still don't know what I want to do in life and constantly think of the the endless possibilities. I'm very shy and prefer to stay at home but I really want to meet new people/be liked/yearn for friends. I'm really not comfortable in those situations though. I am sympathetic for others but also know when not to be. It annoys me when a person is just not caring about others even though I can sometimes look like that. I really do care, I just don't like showing it. I'm a loner but don't like it. When I'm angry and depressed, I don't want anyone talking to me or I'll just blow up/act really annoyed. I don't like to change people and don't like to lead. I can see the bad in people but don't go out of my way to change them. I just ignore fake people. They bother me. I like it when a person is real. Oh and I procrastinate a lot and can't stand due dates. I am very forgetful. My room and school locker look like a hurricane hit them.

According to people, I can look quiet, nice, aloof, lazy, and calm. According to my parents, they think I think too much and am paranoid a lot.

Sorry I wrote so much! Thanks for your time.
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