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Do you struggle with this?

I'm a type 4 and an INFP, so I think I do have envy at some level, although I don't let it turn me into an overly greedy overly competitive opportunist (Because I'm INFP like that)

I think I'm actually having to battle with very unhealthy, negative thoughts. Overthinking and the demons of doubts had actually made me fall into assumptions that many others are much more loved, have it easier than me and are much more special than me. I have even felt that way about people who sometimes act like they wish they were in my shoes :crazy:

There have been realistic moments when I get into the whole,'' everyone's different to each other, but we're also all the same'' and I need to focus more on those. Realizing that realistic aspect of human nature, instead of unconsciously romanticizing my suffering.

Damn, my brain and my heart need to work together. I must stop overthinking and put more faith in my intuition, but at the same time let my intuition guide me towards logic. I hate overthinking and not trusting myself enough.
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