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Hi all,

Just had a thought and hope it's not too personal or rude a question;

Wherever you live, how do you think your country and more specifically your ethnicity affects how you and other people feel about your personality? I don't want to insult anyone by trying to pretend I can understand what having a different cultural identity would be like from reading a bit and listening to some music, but I'm really interested to hear your thoughts.

I myself as a young white british person living in the UK perhaps has more of an outlet for INFP-ness if I wanted it by choosing to dress like an indie kid and building that sort of identity... but I'd just be pretending. I think it's hard to be an INFP wherever you are, but school makes things more hard because of male and female posturing and extreme peer pressure to socialise and fit in and look cool and not to be weird and I don't really want to do any of those things naturally... I only socialise and fit in in my weird groups and I NEVER look cool..

So; penny for your thoughts? Although I think the thoughts of most of the people on here are worth tons more than a penny! ;D
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