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Hello *waves*,

I stumbled across the forum yesterday, read the INFP boards and realised I'm really not as weird as I thought I was. Well, I am, but there are others :happy:.

So, I'm 26, you can call me Bella (though its not my real name lol). I'm a dreamer by nature; an actress and singer, I couldn't live without music. I was the little girl always looking out the window and being told off for having her "head in the clouds". Always imaginative and felt like I should have been born in a long ago time. I'm a little old-fashioned. I guess people would call me quirky but a good, caring friend and great listener. I can be shy but at the same time I like to have fun, albeit non-alcoholic non-casual-sex risk free fun. I tend to just get high on life lol. I love learning about what makes us human beings tick and I'm a bit of a psychoanalyzer.

A couple of random things I love; Disney, Oprah (lol), Musical Theatre (it literally is my life), strange words, the theatre, my i-pod, people, white feathers, yellow roses, fairy lights, accessories, writing, leopard print, making things with my hands, kissing in the rain, actually maybe just kissing full stop, dancing, feeling generally chilled out... So, Hi! Looking forward to getting to know you some more too :tongue:.

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