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here is another song of mine...

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I was singing along to music this afternoon and had the idea that I should try to be more than a vocalist (just a copycat) and write my first song. For some reason, I went with my instinct of verse and no chorus, which basically renders it a poem. The subject matter quickly went into the gloom I tend to the few times I've made poetry, embarrassing stuff I'd never sing. But while I couldn't create impressive verbal imagery or any great phrases that I associate with true talent, I salvaged the material into something emotionally honest and not super-whiney. I expect that some INFPs will relate to it. I'm tempted to call it "Story of My Life."

Oh no not this again
It happens too often
Please tell me what I’m doing wrong
Many blurry years it’s been

All the time I dream of it
But rarely I ask
Even rarer I convince
No one thinks I’m worth the chance

If I say how I feel
Will I hurt any less?
I should think of a way out and can’t
So I wallow in this mess

Other people seem happy
Things come to them
Things get taken from me
Again and again, it won’t end

What keeps me like this?
Some purpose, not sure yet
There’s good in me to share
Isn’t there a use for it?

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My life in a cracked nutshell

I feel more connected to you,
Than anyone else in my life,
It's the eyes and the hearts,

Screw being brainwashed in the past,
What is personally right to me,
May not be right for another,

I cannot fight my heart,
It speaks in spite of reason,
Only I can grow this way


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Abstract darkness,
Far from the limelight.
Replaced by puppets,
Puppets of light and dark.
Profuse impersonation,
That of the hypocrites,
Of orchestrated dissonance.

So much struggle...
Why don't you submit?
What was that? You don't believe?
To yourself, in yourself.
Lust..Embrace my intolerance;
If only to make it easier,
Easier than understanding.

In sync, at last.
How long until the next outbreak?
Inside, the time clock states...
A condition..A challenge.
A time bomb that will implode,
If nothing's done.
Succeed, or suffer...

A little longer.
Push the rock,
In a rock and a hard place.
Sensitive to emotion,
Even on others' terms,
In sub-level relation,
How much longer...
Until I keep on moving.
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Closest friends

They can be like rocks,
Strong even against the test of time,
They can give wisdom,
That comfort you when the sun sets.

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When it comes to love
We're doing less
For all that we ignore all above
We never settle for the best
For all the pain that we inflict on others
Our sisters and our brothers
Until we change the rules around here
No more fighting, no more hate
We won't have anything left to fear
Tell me, is this our fate?

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The world appears not to see,
The dark shadows around me now,
I am wanting to explore,
But not wanting to be bothered,
For once I want to know,
What it is like to live for now,
The freshness used to be robbed,
By my past,
So cruelly and so mercilessly,
Now I stand looking ahead,
Not wanting to be bothered,
By the voices of doubt,
By the energies that drain.


Too random

Whoever I am.
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painting my feelings

Deep blue=sadness
Light blue=wonder
Pink= my feelings when a friend I feel close to comments on my post about the feeling wheel.

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I dwell on it, mull it over
I don't need to move on yet
Maybe I'll learn something
It has a pain I still remember
I should know it well by now
Every time I feel it
I withdraw,
And relish it.

There is still a greatness within each of us
Untouched by the depravity of men
It doesn't shimmer like a star
In the darkest of nights
Rather, it shines like an eclipsed moon
Barely giving off light
But, light is does give
A semblance of its glory
Whether we aid or hinder it,
That is your story.​
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