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I first took the test about 3 years ago and it says I was infj. I took the test again about a year later and got the same thing. Recently, however, I've been getting almost consistent answers saying that I'm an infp. Help on this would be greatly appreciated. :)
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INFJ is introverted intuition dominant (Ni), extraverted feeling auxiliary (Fe).
INFP is introverted feeling dominant (Fi), extraverted intuition auxiliary (Ne).

If you read the functional descriptions on these websites, would you say that you relate better to first combination or second one?
MBTI characteristics & 16 Personality Types
Function Attitude
ENFP Beginners Guide
This test tells you about the use of your cognitive functions.

Keys 2 Cognition - Cognitive Processes

Post back your result (that little graph thingy!) ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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