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INFP or ISFP, help? :(

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everytime i take the myers brigg test I always get ISFP but some of the characteristics of INFP seem accurate to me

Reasons I could be ISFP:
-I'm not very religious, yet I dont want to quickly label myself an atheist. Its hard for me to believe in something I cannot see, taste, hear, smell nor touch. I wouldn't believe in dinosaurs if their bones weren't placed in a museum. Ghost, yeti, sasquatch, lockness monster(maybe the kraken) they all seem silly to me.

-I see life for what it is, the sky is blue, dogs bark, grass is green. Nothing more, nothing less.

- I cant tolerate anything that is abstract, it just sounds like a arbitrary theories that cant be put to the test. Fortune cookies they're weird.

- When having a conversation with someone, to really understand what they're saying, I sometimes put myself in their shoes

- I rely on my past failures, loses and victories when making a decision. Attempting something new(out of nowhere) seems too risky to me. I hate making the same mistake twice

Reasons I could be INFP:
-Whenever I'm listening to one of my favorite songs, I create this artistic scene in my head of what the music video might be starring me. If Im in my room alone, I would act out the scene of that music video.

- Theres a special lady Im talking to right now. We've been on a couple of dates. Im always imagining the future possibilities between her and I(hanging out somewhere, go on a picnic, go to concerts together).

- I hate when people blabber on and on about something when all I need to know is the key, important points. Once I figure out the simple Who, What, When, Where & Why Im ready. I hate paying attention to detail because it makes me confused on the primary point of the current matter. See the big picture.

- I love art. Whenver I'm designing something, if I try thinking about it for long period of time, I get frustrated. But of If im out in public doing something, a random idea that pertains to my design will come to me and I either draw it out on paper or try remember it until I get home

I hope this helps. If I can think of anymore reasons I will post them.
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You seem more like an ISFP to me.

ISFPs are concrete thinkers and often adventurous doers, yet extremely artistic and deeply committed to their beliefs/values/loved ones. Also, being a sensor doesn't mean one doesn't have any traits associated with intuition (in fact I've heard a few times someone mentioning ISFPs as the most iNtuitive sensors due their tertiary Ni).

Now then, INFPs are awfully lot like their sensor cousins - what sets them apart from each other is that Ne-types spend more time imagining all sorts of unlikely possibilities and wondering even the most obvious of things, quickly moving from one thing to another but not really wanting to realize every one of them.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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