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I've taken numerous MBTI quizzes,way too many for my patience and sanity(I'm tired of taking 50 question quizzes! >:O),and each one comes up with either of these types:INFP and ISFP.Sometimes I think I may have interpreted the questions differently than from what was intended,and so I get the wrong results...?Or it is because with a lot of the questions(which usually only have two possible answers),I experience both of the answers at the same time,if that makes sense,and so it is difficult to pick the most definitive answer.I don't know,but maybe you guys can help.Here are some details that I have from both types(I'm just basing these off of quiz results).Please correct me if I get the qualities for what type mixed up,because I know I did.They both seem the same to me!

~I draw and make music
~Animals are an absolute soft spot,and so are babies,but for some reason not when they get older...
~I'm very observant and appreciative of my surroundings,so I guess that counts for love of nature
~I like to take a step back and look at things from a broader,simpler perspective
~I'm introspective,and I like my solitude so much that my family thinks I'm a hermit with no social life( >:I),but I'm gradually growing out of that as my senior year of high school approaches
~I am an open book.I wear my heart out on my freaking sleeve
~I like to express myself with fashion,items,and that type of stuff(I think that goes for INFP too)
~I always am nice to people and I hate thinking/saying bad things about others
~Insecure and indecisive and extremely sensitive.Not very dominant.I'm a wimp
~Sometimes people mistake me for being incompetent because I'm not very good at expressing myself in front of an audience(it sounded smart in my head,I swear!)
~When I listen to music,I like to absorb the beat,and the instruments and rhythms,rather than paying much attention to the lyrics
~Ultra procrastination

~I'm very open-minded and tolerant to a fault
~I like to do things my own way and not care what others think
~I like my relationships to be balanced.Conflict screws me up,but I can still deal with it
~I'm kinda paranoid about people screwing me over,due to past experiences
~I relate deeply to others and what they go through,so I'm empathetic
~I'm normally disorganized and unstructured,but when I really try to do something in an orderly way,I'm a perfectionist to the OCD fault
~My head is always in the clouds,I'm always day-dreaming about what could happen,either real or fictional
~I'm a writer
~People think I'm a moody,anti-social loner,and then they get to know me,and they're surprised that I'm nice and seemingly innocent and naive,and then they really get to know me,and are surprised that I'm not so innocent and naive as they thought...:tongue:
~I'm still moody though.And a mix between shyness and being anti-social
~I have a very short attention span.And extreme short term memory loss.What a lovely combination
~I'm a hopeless romantic underneath it all

~I like to talk a lot,which I think has been established already,in slow detail and like a storyteller.I dunno if that fits for either of them.

I have an aversion to counting myself as an INFP,for some reason(I feel more comfortable in the ISFP boards!),mostly because of how I hear that it takes them awhile to open up to people(is that true at all?),whereas I tell people my life story on the second day I know them. :laughing: Well,I hope this helps in discerning anything.If not,I can add more details about myself,because I'm so lazy I just took what I found true about me from all the quiz results.Any help,much appreciated.

EDIT:Sorry for such a long post!I gab so much that I lose track of how much I'm typing!
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I'm not sure you're truly an introvert. If you're really open up to people quickly, that may be a red herring for extraversion.
Otherwise ISFP seems to fit.
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