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Solemn But Sweet

I see you... so distant yet I feel you around. I see your black strands shine in the light... reminds me of licorice... reminds me of the time I said... goodbye.

Licorice... not my favourite taste... yet I keep going back for more.

Its like how I encounter you in my mind.
Or how I feel I miss you as a song reminds me of how I felt when you were on my mind. In the past.
My feelings take me back.. to the past.
Then I'm in the present thinking of ideas... hypothetical ones... where I am with you and its like we never parted.

Oh how sad it is the reality that my idealistic views of you and I will not come to be... or right now could not...
Maybe I'll see you again.

right now...
I see you...

in my day dreams.

From a I think an INFP.
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